4 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Exercise by @KatieHaines2

by Katie Haines

We all know how important exercise is for our health. It’s a critical component of self-care that helps our body work better, keeps our weight in check and gets those feel-good endorphins flowing.

However, when you’re a business owner, exercise becomes more than an act of self-care. When you and your brand are the same, exercise becomes a necessary business tool. And, if you have a team of people who rely on you for employment, your ability to show up and do amazing work is that much more important.

A good workout helps you clear your head and can boost creativity. If you’re a mom-boss with little ones, a gym with childcare can feel like a life-saving break in the midst of a crazy day.

And yet, it’s so easy to push that workout off the schedule when life gets busy. Perhaps you need to open up more time for clients, attend a meeting, or get that blog posted, and that spin class is one of the first things to get cut.

But, regular exercise is one of the most important habits you can cultivate as an entrepreneur. Here are four ways that exercise can help you grow your business and up your game.

1. A good workout takes you outside of your comfort zone.

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve embraced as an entrepreneur is the willingness to be uncomfortable. After all, it’s when we push ourselves to do something challenging, that we step outside of our comfort zone and experience growth.

And yet, most of us do whatever we can to stay comfortable! One of the best ways to reinforce this habit of being ok with being uncomfortable is with a challenging workout. You may start strong, but somewhere during the class or set of reps, you question whether or not you can finish. You’re out of breath, your muscles are shaking and you feel completely uncomfortable. But, you find the energy to keep going. You stick with it. The class ends and you feel great. You didn’t give up and you kept pushing your limits– just what you need to do in business. The more you push yourself outside your comfort zone, the easier it gets to contact that influencer, submit the guest post or speak to a large audience.

2. You gain strength and build stamina.

I recently read a quote of Jane Fonda where she said, “It’s easier to be brave when you feel strong.” Being in business for yourself requires a good bit of courage, strength, and the ability to dust yourself off and keep going.

When you feel strong, it changes the energy with which you approach the day. You begin to trust yourself and gain the confidence that– yes, I absolutely can do it! Those difficult workouts allow you to train both your body and mind to be strong. You feel more empowered when you can easily climb flights of stairs, open a stubborn jar and run to make the train and not feel winded. And, knowing that you have the stamina to handle what life throws down, sets you up for success.

3. It reinforces the value of showing up and doing the work.

It can be hard at times to keep doing the work, especially when you’re in the beginning stages of building a business or if you’re not getting much traction with a new product. When you’re not seeing results, it’s easier to knock off of work early, sleep in, or waste a ton of time scrolling through your Facebook feed.

Similarly, if you work out sporadically, you won’t see the best results you want. Change and progress are built from regular work. They come from a commitment to the process. The more we show up and take action, the more results we’ll see—in our bodies and in our business.

4. Being a part of a group pushes you to show up and work your butt off.

I like group workouts because they push me. If I think I can’t possibly keep going, I look around and see at least 10 other women all sweaty and tired-looking, but still pushing, still working. It helps me reach down and find that last little bit of energy to keep at it. And, I’d like to think that some days, my energy is helping someone else push harder.

It’s so important as an entrepreneur to belong to a group that inspires you, helps you stay accountable and motivates you to keep going. You need that camaraderie, the feedback and the sisterhood. Find the women that you can raise the bar with, in a Facebook group, mastermind or in a local meetup group.

A workout is always worth it. Schedule it into your calendar and make it a non-negotiable part of your day. More often than not, we feel better after it’s over.

We have more energy and we often eat better. When we take care of our bodies, we can be a better partner and a better mom. We can run exceptional businesses and create the things we want to see in the world. We can become the best versions of ourselves and create the best versions of our business.

I’d love to know your thoughts– do you workout regularly? Do you think it’s helped you grow your business? Why or why not?


Katie Haines is a health coach for busy women who feel like they just haven’t nailed healthy eating or hit their goal weight yet. She helps make healthy easy, so they can stick with it, keep the weight off and feel amazing. Grab your free 7-Day Kick Start to get back on track with your health goals, lose those last few pounds, and feel good in your own skin!

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  1. Carol Egan

    Awesome points, Katie! LOVE the connections you make — they are SO important!

  2. Janice | MostlyBlogging

    I am blogging about blogging and health soon. If I use your ideas, I’ll link to you.

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