4 Things We’ve Learned At Intimate Rose About Building a Business in a Not So Mainstream Niche by @amandaolsondpt

by Amanda Olson

In our three years in business, CEO Aaron Wilt and I have learned some lessons. Some of them quite frankly have been learned the hard way. In 2016 my expertise as a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and certified pelvic floor specialist combined with the innovation of Aaron, the CEO of Intimate Rose. This resulted in the collaboration and creation of some of our award winning products.

Perhaps the most important lessons for new entrepreneurs we’ve learned can be summarized below:
Just Because Something Isn’t Mainstream Doesn’t Mean There’s Not a Great Opportunity to Help People and Build a Successful Business: Some of the health related issues we help women with are extremely personal and although most of the large online media outlets out there will write a blog post or two about them, it’s still uncomfortable for most women to seek out professional advice or even to talk about things like painful intercourse, urinary incontinence, feminine odors etc.

You Should Always Provide Extra Value to Customers Whenever You Can: We have continued to develop exceptional value offers of free education and support to both our customers (B2C) and clinicians (B2B). By providing educational videos and support groups for challenging issues, we have established that we care and that we want to help them on a grander scale than simply what our products offer.

Be Creative: I know this sounds contrived, but truly allow yourself to feel free to write down and draw ideas of what could be, but that does not exist. I’ve always loved writing and implementing creativity into projects, and that is not usually a component of the lifestyle of a healthcare professional. Years ago I would tell myself to keep being curious and developing skills that don’t necessarily fall into the box of medical provider. Eventually these types of skills are the ones that lead to product development at Intimate Rose.

Cut through the Nonsense: In manufacturing, working with employees, and contractors. Hear not just what people say, but understand how their information fits into the framework of what you are trying to accomplish. Analyze their incentives. Our primary goals at Intimate Rose are to care for women with sensitive issues, provide trusted and quality information, and highest quality products. Unfortunately some contractors and consultants can present a bias based on their beliefs of what is right for themselves vs the company.

Intimate Rose came out of a need and desire to help women feel their very best and have a community where answers to questions they may feel uncomfortable asking for are out in the open.


Amanda Olson is the Chief Clinical Officer at Intimate Rose. She’s also a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Pelvic Floor Practitioner and the inventor of some of the award winning Women’s Health Products at Intimate Rose. Her medical background combined with Aaron’s business knowledge has enabled them to build one of top companies dedicating to helping women with pelvic pain and pelvic disorders.

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