4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Show Their Support During Breast Cancer Awareness Month


All throughout the month of October, businesses everywhere are going the extra mile to show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. During “Pinktober,” as it has been affectionately nicknamed, there’s a surge in companies creating limited-edition pink products and promotions where sales for said offerings go towards benefiting the cause. Beauty brand Estée Lauder has released the Pink Ribbon Knockout Eyes Collection with B.C.R.F. receiving 100% of the product’s proceeds, Aerie has a line of Aerie Supports tees with 100% of sales going to the non-profit Bright Pink, and Qatar Airways is helping to raise awareness with pink amenity kits available for first and business class passengers that fly on their airline.

Startups and small businesses may have a tougher go than established brands during this time of the year. How can they offer up their support for BCA while they’re on a shoestring budget? The good news is that there are plenty of great ways that entrepreneurs can rally their teams together and show their support to the community and cause no matter what your budget looks like. Think pink with a few of our favorite ideas below.


Rosy up your office and ensemble

When was the last time you added a touch of pink to your daily outfit or saw shades reflected in your office? If you have to think about it, or know that the answer isn’t recent, it’s time to dive on in to adding a pop of color to your wardrobe and space. Here are a few easy ways to do it.

  • Encourage every member of your team to wear pink in support of BCA. You can opt for something as simple as a small accessory like a scarf all month long or hold a day-long contest for the employee that is the most “pinked out” from head to toe.
  • Get your paint on. Add a dash of millennial pink to chairs, desks, or even create a team mural on the office wall. If you’re not allowed to swing a paintbrush on the furniture, consider having an afternoon where your team can carve and paint pumpkins pink or decorate the outside parking lots with blush-colored chalk creations.
  • Decorate your desk! Bring in potted tulips or peonies, clusters of balloons, pens and pencils, and even pink Post-its.


Encourage your team to race (or walk) for the cure

Raise awareness and celebrate breast cancer survivorship surrounded by all of your staff members! Racing, or walking, for the cure is the perfect team building exercise because everyone can be a part of it, regardless of their fitness level or age. Here, every participant counts — and there are plenty of races to be found to join in all throughout the country.


Hold a “pink” tasting

Yes way, rosé! We’re incredibly inspired by the Florida Wine Academy’s pink wine tasting held for breast cancer survivors and guests and the dual benefits it has to offer in educating others on its wines while showing support to the community. If you’re unable to offer a physical product for sale, but know that you’d like to contribute to breast cancer charities in a creative way that gets the neighborhood involved, you might want to borrow this idea for a pink tasting night out with rosé, sangria, or other cocktails along with light appetizers. Ticket sales can go to benefit the non-profit(s) of your choice and you can invite other local small businesses to join you in participation.


Contribute directly to charities

Writing a check or making a donation directly online to the non-profit, B Corp, or charity of your choice working to find a cure may be a simple and less flashy way for entrepreneurs to give back to BCA, but it’s also an incredibly effective one — and a method that can be done anytime throughout the year.





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