5 Best Email Template Builders of 2022

Email marketing has enormous potential, helping brands reach their audience and drive conversions. Creating remarkable email campaigns is the first step toward your message standing out in a full inbox and increasing recipient engagement. 

Not as easy as it sounds, right? That’s why you must invest in an email template builder that features ready-to-use email templates you can tweak to perfection. They will give you the chance to craft functional and eye-catching emails without losing valuable time or hiring an expert.

No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced marketer, this type of software can take some weight off your shoulders regarding your email marketing efforts. Email templates can be adapted to suit your business needs and authentic brand voice, while also giving you a competitive advantage over your competitors. Let’s see how.



What are the Advantages of Using an Email Template Builder?


Email templates have revolutionalized the way people market products, services, and brands. A professional email template builder lets you create branded email campaigns that subscribers remember. Apart from that, other advantages of using an email template builder include:



You can effortlessly customize email templates with the appropriate brand assets, like your logo or brand colors and fonts. There’s even the option of saving elements such as your header and footer to use for future campaigns.



Most email template builder tools come with drag and drop editors that allow you to add, remove, or edit components with ease. This process saves you valuable time without requiring any coding skills.


Personalized content:

Editable and reusable email templates, when joining forces with reliable marketing software, help you deliver personalized content to your recipients. You can benefit from segmentation and customization options to create messages aligned with each individual’s demographics and pain points. 


Increase engagement:

Most email template editors give you the ability to add elements like images, videos, social sharing buttons, surveys, and more to your email campaigns. These elements tend to increase engagement, urging readers to interact with your email content.

Now that you know what email template builders bring to the table, it’s time to compare some of the best email template tools and then let you decide which one is right for you. 



The 5 Best Email Template Builders of 2022

We have compiled 5 of the best email template builders for every marketing budget, business requirement, and niche. Keep reading to find the most appropriate for your brand’s needs.



  1. Moosend

Moosend is an all-in-one email marketing automation solution with a user-friendly interface and world-class features such as list management, advanced segmentation, real-time reporting, and an email template library. The email templates contained in it are fully responsive, professionally designed, and divided into several categories to save you time and trouble.

You can go ahead with creating your email campaigns either by customizing a pre-made template through the drag and drop capabilities offered or build your own from scratch, adding or editing the selected components. There’s also the option of saving your email design as a template to use in future emails.

Best features:

  • Preview mode to check how your template looks on different devices, as well as the ability to send a test email before actually dispatching it to your recipients
  • Templates are responsive so that they can be adjusted to look exactly the way you want regardless of the device they are viewed on
  • Sophisticated lead generation options for launching beautiful landing pages and effective subscription forms 
  • Its website and user tracking features, along with real-time reporting, offer you a better understanding of your customer personas
  • Built-in and editable automation workflows with conditional steps and several triggers to choose from and send targeted messages to recipients once they take a certain action
  • The ability to save every email campaign you create and schedule it to be dispatched at the timing that best serves your marketing objectives


Moosend’s pricing starts at $7/month, giving you the ability to send unlimited emails and have access to advanced analytics, integrations with popular platforms, spam testing and A/B testing options, list segmentation, and more. You can test its capabilities through the 30-day free plan offering most of its features and unlimited emails. 



  1. Constant Contact


Constant Contact definitely is one of the most well-known players in the email marketing game, offering options for creating email campaigns, setting up e-commerce businesses, and building websites. Its easy-to-grasp email template editor offers a variety of email templates and comes in handy for entry-level marketers that can drag and drop elements as they please. 

Constant Contact has a wide range of stock images for users to embed in their emails. Also, its unique feature called Action Blocks lets you add products directly to your email campaigns. We need to mention that the templates provided lack in terms of customization and modern design, though. 

Best features:

  • An online donations feature that is motivation enough for many non-profit organizations to try the platform out
  • You can embed surveys in your emails to gather feedback from recipients
  • Contact organization is made easy through a dedicated navigation bar, several segmentation criteria, and the use of tags
  • The tool allows you to send personalized emails, aligned both with your brand identity and basic autoresponders depending on recipient behavior
  • Options to expand your audience through social media by creating and managing social media posts and ads 


The Core plan starts at $9.99/month, based on the number of contacts. It comes with list growth tools like Facebook ads, a large collection of email templates, and the ability to post on different social media at once. The Plus package is more pricey, offering a number of advanced features. There’s always the option of trying the tool by signing up for its 60-day trial. 



  1. Stripo


Stripo is an email design platform, well-known for its intuitive email editor and friendly UI design. You can either select between more than 750 HTML email templates or build your own HTML and AMP emails, which you can also download in different formats. Its template editor offers customization options and drag-and-drop functionality that allow you to easily edit components.

Stripo enables you to display or hide certain elements of your email template depending on the device it’s viewed on. No HTML skills are required to use the template builder and there is an image editor available in the tool. You can even add animated buttons and dynamic content like images, carousels, or accordions to your email templates. However, its email template generator has been reported to work slowly by some users.

Best features:

  • Stripo brags for a handy capability of showing you if there are any errors in your email design, such as missing content in a certain content blog
  • Allows you to export your email templates to more than 70 ESPs, including an email clients integration with email clients like Gmail and Outlook
  • Email testing tools and the ability to preview and test emails to monitor how they are displayed on different devices and email clients
  • The Email Translate service lets you translate emails into some of the major languages, helping you communicate with leads more effectively


Stripo offers a free plan which includes access to the free templates library, with certain limitations like a single user per account or 5 test emails. The Basic plan starts at $12.5/month, giving you more integration options and access to Premium templates.



  1. HubSpot Email Marketing


HubSpot is a CRM platform that also offers marketing and automation capabilities, as well as a built-in email template builder. Everyone is familiar with HubSpot’s powerful software, through which you can integrate all your marketing efforts into one tool. 

Its email builder has a minimal user interface and drag-and-drop elements to tweak the email template to perfection. There are various personalization and customization options for you to adapt the email design and elements to fit each recipient’s preferences. To learn more about those preferences, you have multiple analytics at your disposal to track recipient activity and monitor campaign performance.

Best features: 

  • Pop-up notifications with several styling options to choose from
  • Buyer experience customization features based on past interactions and history
  • Ad management options to connect your account with ad networks and monitor which ads perform better in terms of lead generation
  • The ability to access customer data from various sources like your customer support, marketing, and sales teams and leverage them to create targeted email campaigns


With HubSpot’s free plan, you have up to 2,000 emails per month and 1 automation action but limited access to its landing page and form-building capabilities. Its starter plan comes at $41/month, letting you set up 10 automation actions and add up to 1,000 marketing contacts.



  1. BEE

Bee is a content design software created to facilitate your email campaigns, landing pages, and pop-up creation. Its email template editor comes with a straightforward interface where you can edit every little detail in the email design and content. There are several template categories to choose from such as usage, automated, seasonal, and more. 

While building your email templates, you can take advantage of the tool’s image editing options, as well as a stock image library containing more than 500,000 images and numerous stickers to embed into your email design. What’s more, you can adjust column width and leverage various content blocks. 

  • Once done with your template, you can export it to email services like Gmail, Yahoo!, or Outlook – its free plan has limitations when it comes to connecting with advanced ESPs, though
  • Giphy integration that gives you access to sticker options
  • Option to craft your own email template from scratch or pick a ready-made from the template library and personalize it
  • A free plan that grants you access to its email template builder, the template and image stock library, and some basic features to test if the tool fits your needs


Bee’s free plan offers up to 10 emails and pages and limited export options. For user permissions, unlimited emails, and more pages or projects, you’ll need to go for the Team plan, starting at $30/month. 



Final Thoughts

Each of the aforementioned email template builders offers something unique to help you build aesthetic and functional email templates that will reach your recipients’ hearts. What you first need to figure out is whether it will be a dedicated email template tool or an email template builder within an email marketing software. 

Then, all you have to do is decide which features and pricing serve your business objectives. Also, make sure to pick a tool that offers you flexibility in terms of design so that your templates are aligned with your overall marketing strategy and your brand identity. If you still face trouble deciding, just start by looking at the free trials to explore the capabilities offered and see for yourself which email template builder will deliver the best results for your business. 





Maria Fintanidou works as a Copywriter for email marketing automation software Moosend, having created the Help Articles (FAQs) and overseen the platform’s translations in Greek and Spanish. She loves exploring new cultures and ways of thinking through traveling, reading, and language learning.

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