Building and Nurturing Relationships with an Authentic Brand Voice


by Aleya Harris


As an entrepreneur, you already know relationships are critical to an effective sales strategy. A network of authentic relationships can lead to partnerships that will change the trajectory of your business. Quality relationships with your audience lead to more robust sales, referrals, and a chance to take your business to the next level.

If you are not already intentionally cultivating those relationships, your bottom line will inevitably suffer. Almost everyone can sniff out an inauthentic sales pitch or message these days. So how can you stay true to your brand voice and vision while building these critical relationships?

The answer is effective messaging. And luckily, it’s not as hard as it seems! So let’s dive into a handful of effective strategies for cultivating a strong brand voice while encouraging connection and boosting sales.


Maintain a consistent presence on social media

Trust is the cornerstone of any solid relationship, and it’s no different when it comes to your marketing strategy. Building quality relationships starts with building trust. A consistent and helpful presence on your social media channels will help you build authority.

You should not only be using your social media platforms to sell yourself but also to provide the information your target audience will find helpful. So how can you be a resource for them? What pain points can you help them address?


Focus on storytelling

Great marketers understand the importance of telling a great story. When crafting your brand story, focus on inviting your potential clients into the story. Remember: they are the hero – you are simply their guide. Focus on how your business gives clients the tools they need to succeed.

Openness about your brand values is a great way to invite clients into your unique story. You want to target and attract those with similar values.

Relaying what is essential to you as a person and business owner will help you remain authentic and build trust.

People tend to support businesses with similar values, so don’t be afraid to share yours and attract your tribe!


Opt for heart-centered messaging

Today, people are bombarded with brand messaging in all areas of their life. We’ve trained our minds and eyes to ignore false or misleading messages. As a result, we naturally gravitate toward content that stands out as honest and authentic.

Running your business from a place of love will attract those who value what you have to offer. Don’t be afraid to open up about your struggles as a business owner – people trust those who have been where they are! So show your audience you understand the hardship and how to overcome it.


Transform your relationships

An authentic brand voice may be the change your business needs to attract its true audience. Cultivating these relationships early can make or break your entrepreneurial journey.

That’s why it’s vital to share advice, wins, and behind-the-scenes content with your audience. Offer solutions to your potential customers to build trust in your skillset and cultivate a loyal following!




Aleya Harris, CPCE is a powerhouse Storybrand Certified Guide, empire-building owner of Flourish Marketing, award-winning marketer, sought-after speaker, mic-drop copywriter, and woo enthusiast. She’s committed to helping entrepreneurs get out of the never-ending grind so they can tap into their heart’s purpose and live a life that uplifts their soul.


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