5 Lists that Save Time, Money and Sanity

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5 Lists that Save Time, Money and Sanity
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We live in a society where everything and everybody is constantly moving. We are multi-tasking and trying to get as much done at one time as possible.

Rarely do we stop and sit down to organize our thoughts with lists, which means we probably don’t think about they save us time, money and sanity. Following are five lists that are sure to help with all three.

1. Grocery Lists

You can save time and sanity with grocery lists by writing down the foods you need as soon as you run out, that way you don’t have to try to remember everything at once.

Money is saved in two ways. First, you’re buying only items on your list. Well, you’re sticking to the list as close as possible. Second, you can find coupons and other deals prior to your shopping trip.

If you visit several stores for your needs, save on time and gas by mapping out a plan according to the items on the list.

Your sanity is saved just by having a list to reference during your trip to the grocery store.

2. Monthly Spending Plans

Monthly spending plans allow you to see your cash inflow and outflow, thereby giving a realistic picture of your budget.

Record your income, the amounts and due dates of expenses and how much you have to save and invest. In addition, you will know how much money that will be left over for extras.

Documenting this information saves time because you don’t have to guess which bills are due and how much they are. Also, money is saved when you avoid late fees and other charges by paying your bills on time.

Paying expenses on time and having a financial cushion puts your mind at ease now and in the future.

3. Daily To Do Lists

Daily to-do lists are priceless. In addition to having a clear idea of which projects you need to tackle, you can determine which ones to address first.

Save money by planning ahead for projects that require money, when possible. As for the tasks that require driving, try to make as many stops in one day to preserve gas.

Sanity is saved by writing down what needs to be done, making plans in advance, and completing as many things on those lists as possible.

4. Weekly Menus

By preparing weekly menus, you will know what you are going to eat each day in advance.

Money is saved when you buy only the food you know you are going to need, when you use coupons or buying food in bulk from warehouse stores.

To not have to try to figure out what you are going to eat every day is great on your mental.

5. Wardrobe Calendar

Use wardrobe calendars to plan your attire for your entire work week. You can select, coordinate and iron your clothes over the weekend, and have time during the week focus on other things, like sleep a few minutes more in the morning.

Putting your wardrobe together early gives you a realistic view of clothes in your closet. You can save time and money by coordinating garments you already have, instead of going to

You will save your sanity by getting rid of pieces you don’t need and not worrying about what you are going to wear on any given day. The extra sleep will help, too.

The above five lists will not only help you organize and plan your activities better; they will add order to your life. The to-do list helps with daily living; menus and wardrobe calendars will make your week go a little smoother. Monthly spending plans will keep your financial house in order, and grocery lists are handy at all times.

In addition to planning and organizing, these tools can help you to save time, money and sanity.



Marcie Hill, M.S., is a freelance writer, blogger, trainer and author who left her job and 12-year career in human resources to pursue her dream of writing.

She has written over 3,000 blog posts and nearly 1,000 articles in international, national, and local print and online publications. Her interview with Dr. Maya Angelou is her greatest accomplishment. She has owns three sites; has authored and self-published eight books; and has presented at national and local writing, blogging and social media conferences.

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