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5 Simple Things to Remember for Effective Delegation by @Barbclifford

by Barbara Clifford | Featured Contributor
The Time Tamer Multi TaskerAs an employee or in the early stages of our your career, you would have been acknowledged or rewarded for operating independently and diligently. As a result, you have felt at ease being in full control of your work.  When we move into positions of leadership, managing others, one of the hardest challenges is relinquishing that control.  Trust is a tricky thing.  Trusting someone else with a task that you take responsibility for, is confronting, as it is your reputation that is on the line.  Ideally, we need to identify that this is a process of shared ownership.

It’s not all about you.

Delegation isn’t about ordering people around to make your life easier – so learn to let go! Effective delegation will build staff morale and improve productivity.  By delegating to your team, you create an opportunity for learning and professional development.  The more your team improve and share their skill set, the stronger the team becomes.  If you hover around, your team will either feel undervalued

Keep your finger on the pulse but don’t micro-manage.

Time Tamer DelegateThe right balance will allow you to keep abreast of what your team are doing, to guide and support without micromanaging.  When things go wrong, you will ideally be seeing the error in early stages, rather than when the issues have built momentum to a major problem.  A strong leader will not pass blame, but allow the team the opportunity to learn and to rectify, reducing risk in the future. The key is to learn how to become effective at managing a project, where it is best to spend your time and energy.

Round pegs in round holes.

Strong leadership involves matching the right task with the right skillset.  A keen observer will identify the strengths and weaknesses lie within the team to effectively delegate areas of work.  Listening, observing, asking questions will allow a leader to build a repository of information to effectively delegate.

Set the parameters.

Part o effective delegation is about setting clear expectations.  Be clear about the standards, timeframe and milestones for a project or task. It’s imperative that the person you appoint is clear on the on what is required, has the resources they need and feel secure to ask questions if in doubt.

Empower your team.

It’s important that your team feel safe and comfortable to communicate issues rather than hide them.  Be open and supportive of mistakes, allow your team to come up with solutions. If they fear your reprimand, they will try to self-manage or hide issues which could fester into problems for you later on. It’s better to create an open honest environment to enable learning, growth and development. Focus on leading your team to an “above the line” attitude that allows for forward and positive energy.


  • Get to know your team’s strengths & weaknesses
  • Create opportunity for regular feedback
  • Provide clear instruction and deadlines
  • Be open to mistakes
  • Take responsibility for the team


  • Micromanage
  • Delegate tasks that you wouldn’t be prepared to do yourself.
  • Punish or blame for mistakes


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Barbara Clifford (a.k.a The Time Tamer) has spent over 20 years working in stressful and time precious industries such as film, hospitality and marketing. She has always had a burning passion for creating order out of chaos. Barbara assists people to find clarity in their environment, control of their time and alleviate stress. From gay bars to cruise ships, Barbara’s professional experience has been diverse,  including contracts with small business, Not For Profits, Aboriginal Organisations, Media, Marketing, Aged Care and Health Services to name a few. Find out more at

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  1. Monique Mayers

    Excellent point of view in here! I agree that Delegation isn’t tied in with bossing individuals around to make your life less demanding. Keep your finger on the beat however don’t miniaturized scale oversee. Thanks for simple things it helps a lot!

    1. Barbara Clifford[ Post Author ]

      Thanks for the great feedback Monique.

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