5 Tips For Organizing Your Social Media Over the Holidays

by Chelsea Tobin

We all know that getting everything prepped in time for the holiday season (both in life and in business) can get a bit overwhelming and hectic. One of the last things you want to be thinking about is making sure your business’ Instagram channel is updated over this period! So here are 5 tips for preparing in advance and organizing your social media marketing over the holidays.

1. Schedule in advance
Make use of a scheduling tool to plan out and schedule all your social media posts in advance. Popular tools include Buffer, Hootsuite, Later, Sprout Social and CoSchedule – to name a few. Taking the time now to get these all your posts in place means you’ll only need to check in on your social media channels ad-hoc to make sure everything is running smoothly.

2. Minimize the amount posts
If your regular posting schedule usually involves 5-10 posts per week, your business probably doesn’t need to be posting this much over the holiday season. This will of course depend on your kind of business (and whether you have an e-commerce store making the most of holiday specials!), but I recommend cutting the posts back to 3-5 per week if you’re a small-medium business.

3. Factor in key dates
If you’re stuck for social media content ideas during this period, don’t forget that you can utilize the key dates over the holiday season (e.g. Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years) and create posts around these. Even a simple “Merry Christmas” post will likely be appreciated by your audience – and will help keep your page active to keep the social media algorithms happy!

4. Let your audience know you’ll be less active
You don’t need to tell your audience exactly when and where you’re going on holiday, but a courtesy notice to let them know that you (or your business) will be less frequent and available on your social media over the holidays will set expectations for if/when some people do decide to get in contact with you.

5. Set time to respond and engage
Even though you’ll be enjoying a break from business (and even social media), make sure you designate a bit of a time each week to not only check your channels, but also to respond to any comments and messages. It’s important not to abandon your social media entirely; a little of engagement will go a long way when it comes to maintenance and growth of your channels.


With the desire to go “digital nomad” and help businesses with their social media marketing, Chelsea founded her boutique social media agency, Queen of Swords Media, in 2018. She attended Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Business (Marketing major) and a Bachelor of Communication Studies (PR major). She enjoys speaking and writing about her journey so far in the world of business, self-development and mindfulness as a young millennial woman navigating her way through life, and of course social media. You can find her on Instagram here – https://www.instagram.com/queenofswordsmedia/

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