5 Ways to Use a Job You Hate to Grow Your Dream Career @theladyinread

5 Ways to Use a Job You Hate to Grow Your Dream Career by @TheLadyinRead

5 Ways to Use a Job You Hate to Grow Your Dream Career @theladyinread

by Meghan Bliss | Featured Contributor 

Have you ever had a job you really didn’t like? Or maybe one that did fit your skills, interests, and ultimate goals? I’ve had a few jobs like that. I was thankful for them, but I also knew they weren’t quite right for me.

Although it’s tempting to get discouraged by jobs you don’t enjoy, they can actually provide great opportunities for building a career you’ll really love.

Here are five ways to use a job you hate to grow your dream career:

Become a student. It’s tempting to put pressure on yourself in the workplace (that is if your boss isn’t already doing it for you). But nobody can get everything right immediately. We all need room to learn and adapt to our environments. If you’re struggling with your role as an employee when you’d rather be working for yourself, use your current job as a learning opportunity. Observe how the business or industry runs. Notice how your manager handles conflict. Take a look at how various resources are used beneficially. Most of all, learn what you can about your specific role and how it can help you in the future.

Take notes. Sometimes being a good student means learning what not to do as much as what to do. Not every person you work for will handle every situation well, and not every business will run smoothly. In those cases, continue to observe what does and doesn’t work so you can apply similar principles to your own business when the time comes.

Spend and save wisely. Some days, your paycheck may be the only bright spot you see in your job. Beyond making enough pay your bills and take care of yourself, try to set aside as much as you can to build your own business. I was terrified the first time I spent money to start a blog because it seemed too risky and expensive. (It totally wasn’t. I panicked for no reason.) Since then, I’ve learned how to discern between necessary and frivolous spending. For example, as an author, it’s absolutely necessary for me to invest in professional editing and book cover design services if I want my books to succeed.

Network. Even though the last job I had was completely wrong for me, I wouldn’t trade the experience because of the connections I made. Establishing relationships with coworkers can be very valuable, not only from a business standpoint but from a relational one.

Change your perspective. A negative situation can become more tolerable when viewed from a different perspective. Looking at your current job as a necessary step on the way to your dream job can help.

In the past, approaching jobs from different perspectives has helped me tremendously. It makes each work day easier and helps me keep my priorities straight. It also takes some pressure off, too, because I recognize it as a learning experience, not just a paycheck. Besides, I have to be a good student before I can become a great employee or entrepreneur.

My array of past jobs has helped me as I’ve started my own business, too. I’ve worked in writing, editing, finance, and even customer service (albeit briefly). Every field has offered something useful for me in my journey as an entrepreneur. If you’re currently experiencing workplace dissatisfaction, learn from it while you can. Use it to move toward your ultimate career goal.


Meghan BlissMeghan Bliss is the owner and head writer at TheLadyinRead.com, a blog for women who read, write, and want to be read.

After almost four years in finance, Meghan quit her job to write full time. She spends her days blogging, writing novels, and trying to stay off of Pinterest. She also copyedits books, newsletters, manuals, and basically anything else you throw at her — including subtitles and restaurant menus. Her first novel will be released this year.

When she’s not writing or editing, you can find her reading, clumsily practicing the ukulele, or watching old sitcoms and superhero movies with her husband, cat, and baby-to-be.

And, as always, trying to find the perfect shade of red lipstick.

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