5 Things to Implement In The Journey Called Success by @DeniseDamijo

by Denise Damijo | Featured Contributor 

When you first make the decision to want to be successful you enter into your own personalized journey uniquely made for you. After your intentions are sent out into the atmosphere, you will be targeted, have obstacles, have doubts, and have everything that you couldn’t even imagine for yourself come against you to challenge your belief in your success.

Before it is said and done, many people fall back and go running back to their comfortable and safe places and never return back to the journey called success again. They give up on their dreams and what was possible for them to do things that are safe and easy to do. At the end of their road, they are usually filled with many regrets.

While you still have breath, your dreams are possible for you to obtain. It will not be easy, quick, or without you having to take risks, nevertheless; it will be worth every bit of it. To really truly prepare for the success that you are looking for, there are 5 main things that you should do every day.

1.Visualize yourself where you want to be

Many people are visual. They really grasp concepts and ideas from actually seeing something explained versus just hearing it or reading it. Many times visualizing things also helps to imprint it in our memories. Take the time every day, 2-3 times daily to visualize what you want to achieve. If you would like to increase your money, close your eyes and think about money pouring on you. Visualize money overflowing out of the drawers in your house and piling up inside your home and bank account. If you want to have more authentic relationships, visualize you being surrounded by and appreciated by people who really care about your well being and success and you being able to reciprocate that. Place pictures that represent the things that you desire to have all around you so that you can see them throughout your day on top of your visualizing exercise.

2. Vocalize your ideal situation

It’s one thing to think about something and it is a completely different thing to say it. For some, the only reason why they haven’t said certain things out loud is because of their lack of belief in it. Your dreams and success will never become real if you can’t say them out loud with confidence. Start vocalizing what you want several times a day. If you want to be a major positive influencer in society, say I am a positive influencer who transforms lives for the better around the world. If you want to be a celebrity cook, be bold enough to say that you cook for celebrities even BEFORE it becomes your reality. No one is ever going to believe that you will become successful until you do.

3. Play a stimulating audible while you’re sleep

When we go to sleep, our mind is not sleeping, it is still going. Why not put it to use? Start playing stimulating audible books, motivational videos, or even classical music while you are asleep. It would be perfect if you have hours of audio playing or are able to put a particular audio that you like on repeat to play for the whole time you are asleep. Even though you weren’t consciously awoke while your audio was playing, your brain subconsciously will pick it up and will not forget it.

4. Think of what it would be like to be where you want to be

This one can be very tricky because it will cause you to really dig deeper than you have ever dug before to get a complete and honest understanding of what you really desire. It is not just about thinking or believing that your life will be better, you would have stress because you have more money, or you may feel validated and affirmed. Ask yourself questions like what would your the things around you smell like? What kind of people would you be around? What kind of conversation would you have? Ask those things daily. Over time, some of those things will change as you change, grow, and develop.

5. Work with what you have in your hands

This is huge for a lot of people because it is so easy to worry and remind yourself of what you don’t have or what isn’t going right. It has become almost natural. It is time for you to develop a new natural. Start thinking about what you can do right now with what you have in your hands. Even if you feel as if you are lacking in a few areas, start working with what you are not lacking in and build from there. Work on obtaining or developing the areas that you are lacking in parallel to the things that you are not lacking in. Eventually, an opportunity will present itself and you want to make sure that you are ready.

Your time is your most precious commodity. Where you spend it is even more important. Where you spend most of your time is what you will eventually see become your reality. Make sure, every day you’re working hard to obtain your goals and you’re also implementing these 5 things so that you can reach your goals a lot quicker.

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