8 Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools to Use for Success

8 Twitter Tools


by Donna Amos

If you’re a small business owner, it is easier than ever to connect with your customer base and create a successful community for your business. At the touch of your fingertips, you have the power to make a call, send a message, or research anything. Statistics show that nearly 2 billion people worldwide used social media in 2017 – 330 million of those users have an active Twitter account. Using social media to promote your business can have a great effect on its success, and knowing how to use it effectively for your purpose can help you even more. Check out these 8 Twitter tools to help you get the most out of your social media marketing.


Twitter Dashboard

Twitter dashboard is a free tool created for business owners to use Twitter to their advantage. Dashboard allows you to create a custom news feed so you can see what’s most important to you. Mentions you want to see will appear first in your news feed so you know exactly what people are saying about your business, allowing you to better engage with your community. You can also schedule tweets so you can be sure you’re still connecting with your customers even while you’re busy. Dashboard also offers tips and creative ideas to help you send out tweets that are relevant to your customers.



Commun.it is another effective way to stay connected with your community. It offers a free or paid membership. This site analyzes followers so you can see the users who are most beneficial to your business. This can help you prioritize the time you spend on Twitter and ensure you interact with the right individuals to increase your potential for success. It also allows you to monitor what people are saying about your business by watching hashtags, phrases, and shared links. 



Buffer is a service that helps business owners see what tweets get the most feedback and allows you to see who is interacting with your tweets. It has the ability to monitor “high traffic” times for your followers, as well as the most well-received topics, so you can effectively engage with your audience.  It can also accommodate other social media platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn as well as Twitter. Buffer is available as an app on your smartphone and offers extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Check it out at https://buffer.com/business.



The hashtag is a common feature that is among a few underrated Twitter tools. Hashtags are a way to label common words or phrases and link tweets that have the same topics. Using hashtags can help filter content so you can draw more followers and attract customers to your business. Taking note of popular and frequently used hashtags can help you see what topics your customers are interested in so you can understand effective ways to market your business and target your customers.


Demographics Pro

The key to a successful business is knowing your target audience. Your services or products are aimed at a specific range of demographics. Demographics Pro is a Twitter tool to help you find the right target market and use your social media to reach them effectively. It will analyze the people who influence your target market and help you tailor your advertising to the right people. See what Demographics Pro can do for you at http://www.demographicspro.com.


Twitter Advertisements

Simple social media advertisements are another underrated Twitter tool. As of August 2017, 66% of people who use Twitter on a regular basis have discovered a small business from advertisements. Nearly all users who discovered a business on Twitter plan on purchasing something from the small business they discovered. Promoted tweets or promoted accounts are also a great way to advertise using Twitter. Using promotions gets your content in front of your target audience. This can help your business’s social media gain followers that could benefit from the services or products that you provide.


Mention Mapp

This is a Twitter tool business owners can use to navigate conversations, save and track important ones, see mentions, and make connections. Mention Mapp sounds just like what it can do. It creates maps to help you keep track of mentions, retweets, and commonly used words. In a simple format, you can see how people are talking about your business and get an idea of how many people your tweets are reaching. Mention Mapp also creates clouds so you can see words that are most commonly associated with your business.



Draw in customers by providing a little incentive. TwtQpon is a Twitter tool that allows you to generate QR codes or virtual barcodes. You can choose if your coupon is used in-store or online. You can subscribe to TwtQpon by coupon page or pay for a monthly subscription.


These are some great tools to help you leverage the Twitter social media platform for more success in your business. Do you have a favorite tool not mentioned here? Why not share it with our readers in the comments below?

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