9 hilarious elevator situations for women business owners by @patweber

by Patricia Weber

There are a few things to get out of the way before we look at 9 hilarious elevator situations for women business owners.

This post is not about:

– elevator pitches
– starting and running an elevator business
– insurance for an elevator

It also is a good thing this post isn’t about insurance to ride in an elevator. After all, we have a choice.

When I was asked to share this elevator #infographic, it came to me instantly that often as women in business, who do and plan all day long, I wondered if we take time out often enough to enjoy life.

Just watch, be part of and enjoy life.

Caveat: Elevators aren’t funny on their own. It’s the people and what they might do in riding an elevator that could bring some grins and giggles.

Now please pay attention, take in each cartoon of people in elevators, read the subtitles and laugh!

9 hilarious elevator situations for women business owners

Here are a few of the 9 hilarious elevator situations for women business owners

I know I would be laughing from the outside in only if not riding an elevator in any of these situations!

CC BY-ND by A. Strakey http://www.flickr.com/people/smoovey

#1 Nosy Coworkers – Being that I’m a solopreneur, I thought about possible nosy, even noisy, competitors! This cartoon elevator situation reminded me of conferences over the years. Being more introverted I would often retire earlier than most although inevitably I’d be in the elevator up to my room with those people who were planning their night out. With no interest in joining them, even if asked I had a reason to say, good night. But I can remember how they would continue their splendid time as the doors closed behind me.

# 3 Trapped in a Dutch Oven – While I can be pretty controlled with passing gas, sometimes well, it happens to me! My mother would faint if she knew. But then, I can remember holding my nose with people in an elevator who smelled like they didn’t realize they forget their deodorant that morning.

The 9 Layers of Elevator Heck - Elevators.com - InfographicElevators.com

# 5 Unhappy Hour – This is one reason for my frankness with often saying, “No thanks,” to an invitation after a meeting, conference or business day, to the call to join a group for dinner. I’m not much of a drinker but inevitably, in particular with a small group, a couple of people will lift their beer mug or wine glass, one time too much. Drunken people are not who I want to be in an elevator just before my head hits the pillow.

credit to Pixabay.com

#9 Check Baggage – If you are in business or an entrepreneur, it’s likely you’ve attended or participated in a vendor show. No?

Well if you ever do have the opportunity, don’t let this elevator scenario scare you off. But if you have been, you’ve stayed at the hotel where the event is, then do your best to avoid the elevator when everyone else is. Be an early bird if you can! I can truly say, this is not a fun experience.

Whether it’s someone farting, a group of drunks, or someone with way more luggage than you can imagine and you are sharing an elevator with them, you have a laugh.

Remember: Elevator pitches are short, and so are elevator rides!


Patricia WeberPatricia Weber: I understand the possible difficulty of being an introvert in business and am on a mission to build the confidence of those more introverted, with a variety of practical tools to navigate communications work and life.

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