The Art of Intuition in your Soul Business by @_StyleMystic

Photo Credit: happykiddo via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: happykiddo via Compfight cc

A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.” – Frank Capra

by Amy Javier

While we all have an inner knowing and inner guidance system, most of us don’t use it. If we were all going by what our inner guidance is telling us to do for at least 70% of our lifes decisions..we would reduce conflicts, others personal agendas and always go with what feels good to ourselves. Your intuition is great for decision making, sensing danger and a stress detector. It is a great tool that you have for your business, relationships and self love. This inner guidance system : Your Intuition, can even provide you with ideas that can make you millions of dollars, save your life or simply pick which ice cream you will enjoy the most.

Have you ever felt like you have had an idea and someone else ended up CREATING the idea? Well the reason why you thought of the idea too is because you too have the potential of creating something from your genius as well. Your intuition is a FREE tool to tap into your next big thing. Your genius is your inner world. Your genius comes from connecting to that source within you and creating from that space. When you take care of your soul with meditation, rituals and self love…you get amazing results that will get you money too!

  • The art of intuition is to let it reveal itself to you. Take the time to listen to your inner world.
  • What is going on in there?
  • What does your intuition tell you your next innovative idea will be?
  • How does your soul feel with what it is doing NOW?
  • What do YOU want to create next?

A way that Oprah Winfrey taps into this inner bank of wealth is by tuning into her intuition through her dreams. Before she goes to sleep she asks her intuition which is her higher self to show her what is the decision that would be best for that decision. She makes executive decisions with this method! Intuition can come to you through different ways. It can be through dreams (like Oprah does), a gut feeling or images in broad daylight. “We all process things that we’re not consciously aware of—it’s a feeling of knowing that uses an older brain structure,” says neuroscientist Beatrice de Gelder, PhD, who researches blindsight.

“For instance, in a phenomenon known as blindsight, people who have gone blind because of brain damage can still navigate an obstacle course or identify emotion on a person’s face, even though they can’t consciously see it. Their intuitive vision track is receiving visual stimuli, even though their conscious vision track isn’t; they know what’s around them—they just don’t know how they know.” Also in ancient times, women had to tune into their intuition to make sure they were feeding their children what they needed. This way of vision and inner knowing has been around for a long time, and we are just beginning to discover the magical benefits of it today.

In order to tune into your own intuition I want you to set out a special time for you to commune with your inner self. It can be Saturday afternoons or Sunday evening, a day when you are off from work and relaxed. Take about 30 minutes of sitting with soft, gentle music and start going within. You can ask yourself a question to be answered by your intuition before going within. Make sure to go within.

This is where the magic happens!

with love + style,
Amy Javier


Amy JavierAmy Javier is style and soul coaching expert straight from New York City. She graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology with a Fashion Merchandising Management degree. Style Mystic is her new guidance company: a mix of spirituality, business creativity and style. She connects to higher dimensional guides and is guided to work with her clients on empowerment, wellbeing, guidance from the higher self, business and style. Her motto is “Have outer and inner style.” Her specialty is guiding people to tap into their intuition and creativity. She is a recent practicioner of meditation. She is highly connected to Amma (the hugging saint) , Mary Magdelegne & Master Yeshua (Jesus Christ). She has been awakened to her true soul essence by Abdy Electriciteh and has had many life changing experiences along her life’s path as a healer and business woman.

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