Author: Charlynda Jean

Charlynda Jean is a dynamic motivational speaker, Air Force Veteran, social media influencer, and the founder and CEO of Mutt's Sauce, LLC, a company that makes "the sauce for every meal." She prides herself on being a 'country girl from the hills of Tennessee' but her journey has taken her around the globe. Her goal is to unlock the gifts inside every person she meets. Her signature phrase is one that changed her life multiple times over "I believe in you." She is a Clemson University graduate, with a degree in Aerospace Science and Business Management. She also holds an MBA in Management and Strategic Leadership. She started the company Mutt's Sauce, LLC while she was still serving on active duty in the military. Charlynda has been featured in, CBS News,,, and Air Force Association Magazine. She is now focused on launching her personal brand and teaching people everything she knows. She has a passion for entrepreneurship, fitness, veterans, girl power, food, fashion, and travel.

Startup Advice: The Speed of Determination by @CharlyndaJean

by Charlynda Jean As a new entrepreneur, I have found that I only work at one speed: the speed of determination. It’s faster than a speeding bullet, light, sound, radio waves. No ruler or metric exists to measure this speed. If I tried to do so, I’d imagine the flapping of angels wings…the rhythm of […]

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