Author: Latrice Cole

Latrice Cole is a certified image consultant and fashion stylist for women and men who want to align their look with their brand. Using her ten years of experience working as a senior human resources professional and her passion for fashion, she turns getting dressed into a business strategy. Latrice curates wardrobes for everyone from musicians and corporate professionals to real estate agents and six-figure entrepreneurs to boost their confidence, feel more comfortable and appear more trustworthy. Her approach saves clients money, time and stress. When she’s not styling clients, you can find her peeking into shops on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan to track the latest trends.

How to Connect at a Networking Event (Without Saying A Word)

by Latrice Cole We all know it’s necessary for growth professionally or personally, but let’s be honest, it can be dreadful, intimidating, and downright awkward. What do you wear? Do you suck it up and wear the four-inch heels? How do you sell yourself? Do you humble-brag about your degree, or do you grit your […]

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