Author: Jennifer Studer Daley

Jennifer Studer Daley is an internationally published writer, whose mission is to empower and serve others through storytelling. She built a prestigious career in television production and sports communications, working for CBS Sports, the NFL and the NFL Network, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Lakers before leaving her comfort zone to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. Jennifer, now a freelance writer and communications consultant, founded to encourage others to awaken their soul, build their mind and follow their heart. Passionate about inspiring others to live their best life, Jennifer uses her extraordinary storytelling skillset to help brands, small businesses and non-profit organizations establish meaningful, lasting relationships with their customers and communities.

How to be your own best boss by @JenniferSDaley

by Jennifer Studer Daley  | Featured Contributor So now you’re your own boss. But are you being your own best boss? 1. Be on your “A” game You are your brand, you are a walking advertisement and the main spokesperson for your company. How you dress, how you speak and how you make people feel […]

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Ten ways to inspire yourself by @JenniferSDaley

by Jennifer Studer Daley  | Featured Contributor 1. Get into nature There is no better way to clear your head than to step away from your devices, and step into nature. This can be your local park, the lake, the beach, or better yet one of our incredible National Parks. Hit the pause button and […]

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