Ten ways to inspire yourself by @JenniferSDaley

Call your mom.

by Jennifer Studer Daley  | Featured Contributor

1. Get into nature

There is no better way to clear your head than to step away from your devices, and step into nature. This can be your local park, the lake, the beach, or better yet one of our incredible National Parks. Hit the pause button and make use of what’s around you.

2. Cook a wholesome meal for loved ones

We’re always on the go, searching for quick meals, healthy takeout options or meal prepping to save time. Perhaps we need to spend more time and energy not just fueling our bodies with the proper nutrition, but celebrating the old traditions of family dinners.

3. Create a gratitude ritual

The surest way to appreciate what you have is to constantly remind yourself. Whether you write your blessings on a sticky note at work, or journal what you’re thankful for weekly, make time for it and you will shift your focus from what you may be lacking, to what you have that you treasure.

4. Get caught up in a novel

Movies and Netflix are entertaining, but there’s something about picking up a novel and creating your own picture of the story in your head. Not only does reading heighten your sense of creativity and build your vocabulary, it can be a source of inspiration and empowerment.

5. Focus on your breath

While many of us are focusing on our relationships with others, we incidentally neglect the relationship we must nurture with ourselves. The quickest way to get yourself back in check is to practice yoga, to feel your mind and body synchronize. The benefits of yoga can be seen as early as your first week.

Get into nature.

6. Call your mom

A ring to your mom or that gal pal in your life can make a huge difference to your day. They always know what to say, can make you laugh and help put things in perspective. Foster that relationship and rekindle it if you need to. We all need a personal cheerleader.

7. Get a pen pal

Technology is great and all, but there’s something to be said about people who take the time to write letters. It takes far more time than sending a quick text to check-in and in today’s digital age, to receive snail mail is a real treat. If you aren’t sure you want to make it a regular habit, aim to write letters to your long distance besties once a season.

8. Help your 18-year-old self

Share your skills with younger women who need a mentor or female role model in their life. Whether you contact your local Boys and Girls Club, join the board of a sorority or offer to edit resumes from your Alma Mater, step up and be the trusted counselor you needed when you were younger.

9. Learn a new skill

Is there anything more empowering than when you teach yourself a new trick? Try out that fitness class, learn a new language on Duolingo or sign up for that certification class you’ve been meaning to fit into your schedule. Continue to push yourself mentally, physically and emotionally to become the best version of yourself.

10. Do something for someone who can’t repay you

We may be quick to help our families and closest of friends, but what about strangers in need? Grab your partner or girlfriends and spend an afternoon at the soup kitchen, bake some goods for the nursing home you pass on your way to work, or sign up for a walk to honor those who have lost the battle to breast cancer and raise money to help find a cure. Not only will you be serving someone else’s needs, you’ll feel refreshed and return home with a healthy new perspective on your life.



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  1. Rebecca St Jean

    You are very inspirational never miss one of your posts

    1. Jennifer Studer Daley[ Post Author ]

      Thank you for your constant support, for reading and commenting. I hope my writing continues to inspire!

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