Your Clients Wants to Play Follow the Leader

Your Clients Wants to Play Follow the Leader by @womensbusinessa

Your Clients Wants to Play Follow the Leader
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by Jane Willmott

Packaging up and selling your knowledge online is a great exciting business and you can have real success with it too both financial and personal but there’s so many experts out there right now who are tripping up at the very first hurdle.

They’re knowledgeable in their field they are an expert and have so much to offer their potential clients but they’re just not making the sales and the reason for that is quite simple.

When it comes to running a business and making sales the first thing most people think of is their marketing strategy, get these people to their website or on calls and then sell to them, but there’s a pretty big problem there, see in the expert industry people are going to buy from you because you’re the expert, they’re not going to buy from them because you told them to or because you had a pretty website, they want to know that you’re the expert and leader to take them from where they currently are to where they want to be.

To be able to do that you have to step up and be the leader, you have to be the expert they need you to be, they’re looking to you for you to lead them from A to B, that task falls on your shoulders!

That’s what it all comes down to really, have you showed your ideal clients that you’re the leader, you’re the expert?

Before you start thinking you need to go and secure some big speaking roles to be seen as the expert there’s actually smaller stuff you can do. Yes speaking roles are awesome and they’re definitely where you want to be heading but let’s start where you are and right now you just want to get some clients in right?

Add value on social media

Yep go to where they hang out on social media and talk about your expert subject you don’t have to do this in a salesy way either, just pop some tip posts out there, strike a conversation up with your ideal clients, start talking to them about your expertise!

Start a community of your own

Start your own community where you’re the leader, it’s a perfect chance for you to get your ideal clients on your radar, converse with them and show your expertise to them in a really genuine way as well. Again you can create the community where ever they hang out I.e Facebook, Linked IN etc or you could always try creating an online forum, either way create a community so you can be that leader!

Guest blogging

Blogging in general is a great way to show your expertise, but guest blogging can be even better. It’s great to toot your own horn but if other platforms are featuring you and your knowledge then people know it’s more than just you bragging yourself up you do have real information and knowledge to share. Think of a couple of pain points that you’re ideal clients currently have, break them down and write some posts talking about those pain points and solutions, find some relevant platforms and sumbit those guest posts.

YouTube Channel

Videos are a great way for you to build up your expertise and build a relationship with your ideal client quickly, they’re listening to you which makes them feel like they know you and they’re listening to your expertise as well. You also never know who may find you on YouTube, I recently had a client who was found on there and then featured on some pretty big shows so you really don’t know who’s watching!

Obviously there are other ways to show your expertise you could try podcasting, running webinars etc but the thing is that whatever you decide to do it’s vital that you actually do it. You have to step up and be that leader, if you don’t then your clients won’t buy into you and they won’t buy into you being the expert that they need to solve their problem.

Be the leader, your ideal clients are waiting for you!


Jane WillmottJane Willmott is a successful business coach, she works with entrepreneurs worldwide helping them create/grow their kick ass business. She works with them on their message, offerings, branding, sales funnels and Jane will even cover the technical elements. Jane works with her clients through tailored programmes that are designed to help them unlock their income goals so they can finally have a business that enables them to live the life they dream of.

Currently Jane has clients who have achieved 6 figures in 6 months, sold out in 2 weeks, waiting lists that are over 4 months long, quadrupple their income, doubled their list in just 30 days, retired their husbands from their corporate jobs, bought their first brand new car and house, plus much more.

You can discover more about Jane and how she works by visiting her website

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