It Is Possible for Anyone to Be Debt Free! by @JulieMoneyCoach

by Julie Feuerborn, CFP©  | Featured Contributor

buried in debtIt is sometimes believed that only rich people can be debt free.

With a plan, determination, commitment and some hard work, anyone can be debt free!  Because we live in a time of instant gratification, the difficulty is often in staying the course.  It is easy to be pulled in the direction of latest shiny new object that comes our way.

By staying on track and focusing on the peace of mind that will come once all debt is paid off, you can achieve your goals.  It can happen!

There is no quick fix!  That is the plain truth.  There are opportunities for debt consolidation and companies offering to manage debt, but you need to ask:  What is in it for them?  How do they get paid?  How much more will it cost me in the long run?  If it is too good to be true, then it probably is.

With a willingness to work hard and sacrifice, it can be done.  You made choices to get to where you are now and you can make the choice to be debt free.  Get your family involved.  We all need a cheerleader at times to keep us going.  Support will add to success.

How much do you want to be debt free?  Summon that desire and set a system in place. Stick with the plan.  One day at a time is what it takes.  If you slip from the plan, get back in the game the next day.  No guilt no shame!  You can do it!

I recently read an article about Jen, who decided to go cold turkey and pay off her debts.  She had clothes in her arms and was ready to check out in a shop when she thought, “this is madness”.  She put the clothes back on racks and left the store with resolve to be debt free.  Within 11 months Jen paid off the $14,000 that she owed.  It took three part-time jobs and a teaching assistant position all while going to school full time, but she did it.  Hard work and determination paid off!

When you experience your first debt free day, you will know that there is no going back because the feeling is so great that you will want to shout it from the roof tops and jump for joy.  You will feel lighter and free.

Set the plan, stay the course and anyone can be debt free!


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Julie has followed her dream and since 1994 Julie has divided her time between Colorado and the UK with her husband and the youngest of their four children.  She currently lives in rural England where she enjoys going for long walks and watching the sheep in the fields.  Her other passions include international travel, reading, yoga, meditation, hiking and camping.

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