Why Advice from Social Media Marketers is Wrong by @bellavie92

Why Advice from Social Media Marketers is Wrong

by Isabelle Rizo

Let’s bust some myths about digital marketing in a way that it was supposed to be used. In this day and age where
social media marketing is a buzz word and you gotta jump on the bandwagon – I want you to pause and really evaluate how you will be using social media for your entrepreneurial ventures and how to best use and have fun with social media.

Myth 1: You Have to Have an Account on Every Single Social Media Platform

Lies! Look at who your ideal client is, research where they are hanging out. Are they on instagram looking for fashion inspiration? Then share your fashion line and aesthetic on there with the right hashtags. Are they having great conversations and asking questions on Twitter? Reach out to them personally because they want to get to know you.

Be strategic about it and use those platforms to offer value.

Myth 2: You Have to Be on Social Media 24/7

This is only a half truth. I absolutely love social media and love meeting new cool people through these avenues – especially Twitter. But mainly, you want to generate amazing content that solves the problem, offers value, or inspires the people that you are reaching out to. Instead of just having posts up to populate your social feed spend your time in creating great content.that makes you a go to person in a specific niche or industry you are helping out.

And then? Use a scheduling tool like Hootsuite, Buffer, or Edgar. Pop in to have conversations a little bit every day or a couple times a week.

Myth 3: Social Media is the Best Promotion Tool

This is really false. Social media is what it sounds like – social. It’s a tool to socialize, connect, and help others. People that hang out in forums, Facebook groups, Twitter and other platforms that say look at me look at my product or visit my shop are seen as just spammy and not offering any value. Let your work speak for itself, share how people are transformed by your product, by the work you do , by the words you write.

So get clear on who you’re serving, what questions they have, and how they align with your passion and strengths. Then create great content that answers questions for your ideal client. Then, only then share it on your social media. Start conversations with people interested in your story. Ask them what they need help with. That’s social media marketing – authentically.


Isabelle RizoIsabelle Rizo is a brand storyteller based in Chicago. She drinks herbal teas, loves window seats of airplanes, and exploring foreign lands. You can read visit her internet home at thebellavie.com.

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  1. Shannon Davis

    Awesome post, Isabelle! I’m definitely guilty of Myth #2 but it’s something I’m working to be better at.

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