Boosting Your Business’ Local Impact: Timeless Tips For The Modern Entrepreneur

The way a business chooses to market itself will have a huge impact on the audience it’s able to attract. For example, if you go online only, you’re likely only going to receive virtually sourced custom. In a digital age, that’s the only option for a lot of entrepreneurs. 

Using this marketing method, which often involves the use of SEO, social media, and content marketing, you’ll be able to reach a much wider pool of people. But you’re also unlikely to be able to develop that in-person relationship that matters so much to the small business world. 

That’s where the use of local marketing comes in. The more you focus on your local area and the amount of customers you can pull from it, the better your company’s longevity. And all because local marketing tends to be timeless! Here’s how to make the best use of it. 

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Put Up a Banner

Are you afraid people are walking straight past your business, without knowing it’s there or what can be found inside? Then don’t let your storefront or office name and logo do all the talking. Get a banner up as well! 

This tends to be more eye-catching than other forms of physical advertising, as it can be moved independently away from the store. You can push the banner out into the street to bracket the sidewalk or hang it off a lamppost. 

You’ll need to double-check permission surrounding this kind of advertising, but it’s a good way to draw attention from afar without someone needing to stand directly in front of your business. 

Conduct a Leaflet Drop

Dropping leaflets round the neighborhood might sound like a huge waste of time. After all, most people are just going to put the leaflet, flyer, or card in the garbage, right? You might be surprised at just how many calls or emails you get if you invest in flyer printing and spend an afternoon putting them into mailboxes! 

Leaflets let people know, in detail, who you are and what you offer. It’s a concise and easy way to bring your offerings straight to someone’s door, even more so than social media. And when you choose the right printer to work with, you won’t even have to spend too much!

So, design your materials, go around some local streets, and give your potential customers a permanent reminder of just how much value they can find in their own area. 

Local events are always in need of sponsors. If you’ve had a pretty good year so far, why not throw your hat into the ring? You could have your name in pride of place, or at least on a sponsor banner displayed at the event, and that’s very good news for you. 

Sponsoring a local event is very community-minded. It shows you appreciate where you’ve come from, and you’re happy to pay things back as and when people need it. Within the current shopping generation, that’s a great sense of PR to have. 

Contribute to Charity

Contributing to charity is good for businesses, especially local businesses. The more you support actionable, positive change in your area, the better a reputation you’re going to garner. And you could even give someone a taste of your product or service, meaning they’re sure to come back for more. 

So, is there a charity giveaway going on near you? Maybe a local charity could do with a sizable donation, right about now? If you offer a product to them to use for fundraising efforts, or simply add those funds yourself, you could have your name in lights where people want to see it. 

Indeed, customers want to see your name where it’s doing some good, so don’t miss out on this option in your local marketing campaign. 

Decorate for the Season

Have you got a physical store? Then it’s time to decorate! If it’s Christmas, Halloween, or Thanksgiving, get into the spirit and have some fun with the way you present your business. This will help you to stand out on the street, and if your store is the best decorated for miles around, people are going to flock to it. 

Even if you’re online-only, you can ‘decorate’ your website to be more seasonally-minded. Adding snowflakes and sparkles for Christmas and New Year, or changing the background colors to be autumnal for Thanksgiving. Little changes in your design, that are branding-friendly, are great for showcasing the sense of whimsy a lot of young shoppers are looking for.

Fill Out Your Google Business Profile

It’s not quite a timeless tip, as Google itself is only in its mid-20s, but this method does carry a lot of local impact regardless. We’d be remiss to not mention it here! 

Start using your Google Business profile properly. Why? In the modern world, the first place people are going to see your company is online. Even when searching for local businesses nearby, they’re going to hit the search engine before the high street. 

Be there waiting for them. Update this portion of your online presence to reflect up-to-date information, current offers, customer reviews, and your contact details. Fill out as much of the content as you can, such as whether your company is LGBT+ friendly and who it’s owned by. The more info available, the more trustworthy you appear in a visitor’s eyes. 

Put Up a Digital Advert

You’ll often find advertising screens in surgery waiting rooms and certain shops. If companies near you have these screens available, see if you can buy an advertising slot. This will put your business on show for as long as these places are open, meaning it’ll be on show when people are already in the mood to shop! 

If you want to boost your business’ local impact, use these tips to generate a worthy marketing strategy. Pushing your business efforts into the real world means you’ll achieve plenty of positive outreach results. 

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