Business rituals are not just for the woo-woo set! by @SarupaShah

by Sarupa Shah | Featured Contributor

The world over everyone has rituals. These can be deeply embedded in religious practice, through to more folklore beliefs, like wearing lucky pants or a lucky mascot for sporting events.

A ritual is repetitive action which is attributed or at least believed to create success. In business there are rituals like the team brief, the team meeting, the hand over, smiling before answering the phone etc. You might think these are business processes, well a ritual is a process so I am not going to worry about that debate.

Rituals in the spiritual and energy sense are a way to focus energy and attention. They make you feel powerful, good, confident and ready to do something so you can see why they have remained popular even when other beliefs are being undone. It is like they can help set the scene and put your energy into the task.

Business rituals are a good idea!

I just love rituals not for the sake of them but because they do provide a center and anchor. It can help stop wobbles as you are working on your inner world and when it comes to business and playing a game it is a good thing to have something that can assist you.

I have created an infographic with my favourite business rituals which will help you focus your energy, intention and power to create more success in your business. This means you will impact on more lives, make more sales and simply have more success. Rather than filling your time with worry, stress and fear these rituals fill you with the goodness to be a go-getter.

Check them out and share in comments below which ones you already use, or have let slip and are going to use or how you are now inspired to use business rituals.


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Sarupa Shah


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