Communicating Value: Your Responsibility – Not Theirs by @BobBurg

Bob Burg Adversaries into Allies

I’m SO excited about my friend, Bob Burg’s new book. “Adversaries into Allies.” Read the excerpt below, and if you like it (and you will) you can get chapter 1 here ->

by Bob Burg

Both the look of annoyance on my face as well as the pounding, steady rain outside on that dark and dreary afternoon perfectly represented how I felt. It was nearly 30 years ago, after an appointment with a prospect, in one of my first sales jobs…yet, I remember it so very clearly. Why the foul mood?

I had just returned to the office, disgusted that my prospect just didn’t “get it.” He said “no” despite the fact that the product I represented – a terrific product, a wonderful product! – would have helped him and his family immeasurably.

I was disgusted at my prospect for not understanding. Fortunately, an executive at the company took me aside and said, “Burg, always remember…

‘When the shooter misses the target, it ain’t the target’s fault.’”

Wow! Talk about a wake up call!

I immediately understood this to mean that it was MY responsibility to communicate (both through speaking and, more importantly, via asking questions and listening) the benefits correctly, not the prospect’s responsibility to hear it correctly. That piece of unsolicited — but very appreciated — advice made a huge difference in my sales career, as well as in my personal life.

Leadership and sales. It’s all about influence. And, influence is all about effectively communicating the value you are providing others; and how this value aligns with their specific wants, needs and desires.

In other words, effective communication is not about us, but about the other person, and how what we are selling will touch their lives. Not as we see it as being of value but as they see it.

However, while it’s not about us…the onus of communication is. It is our responsibility to ensure that we both understand, and are understood.

People who can do that consistently are those with Ultimate Influence.


Bob BurgExcerpted from Bob Burg’s new book, Adversaries into Allies. Best known as coauthor of The Go-Giver, Burg’s newest book will help you to become a top influencer and persuader, learning how to consistently obtain the results you want, while helping everyone come away a winner. You can get Chapter One by visiting

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4 Replies to “Communicating Value: Your Responsibility – Not Theirs by @BobBurg”

  1. Bob Burg

    Sandra, thank you. Indeed, influence begins with focusing on the *other* person. While it’s important to both understand and be understood,you are so right in that you must first understand them, and what they are looking to accomplish.

  2. Sandra Miller

    Bob, great article. I particularly like – and agree with! – ” influence is all about effectively communicating the value you are providing others; and how this value aligns with their specific wants, needs and desires.” Too often it’s easy to get ego involved when communicating…being understood is less important than understanding. One doesn’t lead to the other, always.

  3. Bob Burg

    Melissa, what a magnificent honor to have my article highlighted on your site. You are such an amazing leader and influencer, I only hope you know how big a fan of yours I truly am!!

    1. Melissa Stewart[ Post Author ]

      I’m a huge fan of The Go Giver and Adversaries Into Allies is no less amazing! Just finished my advance copy and want to help get the word out so everyone can get their hands on a copy!!

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