Creating Engaging Social Media Videos – Filming Techniques that Captivate

Welcome to social media, a constantly evolving landscape where content is ceaselessly consumed and fleeting attention spans reign supreme. The quest to stand out has never been more crucial. For businesses, small and large, the need to seek innovative ways to not only be noticed but also to create a lasting impact on the target audience. 

With hundreds and more videos being released every day on social media, what is the secret ingredient to get your video content noticed? Informative or entertaining content, of course, plays a significant role. But many content creators forget one crucial aspect of creation: the recording approach. Social media is a sandbox platform where creators can share their own content. Adding an unexpected twist through the recording style can go a long way in capturing attention, fostering interactions, and boosting brand visibility. 

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The significance of engagement in social media videos

In the virtual realm of social media, engagement acts as the digital glue that connects businesses with their target audience.  You want to nail the magical spark that will transform passive scrolling into active interaction. With the avalanche of content bombarding users daily, creating videos that not only inform but also resonate deeply is a matter of survival on a crowded platform. Your videos should stir emotions (in a positive way) and possibly provoke thoughts, depending on the context. Essentially, video content is an amalgamation of visuals, sound, and narrative that possesses the potential to transcend barriers and create meaningful connections. 

However, while your content matters, you also want to focus on how you choose to present it. The recording method employed can be the difference between being overlooked and being hailed. As the digital space continues to evolve, the importance of adopting innovative recording techniques to stand out becomes a priority. 

Using an AI video generator

AI generation is not a novelty, but it is the first time creators have so many different toys to play with! Stepping into the realm of AI video generation is akin to unlocking the doors to a virtual film studio. Indeed, where large companies hire a full video production crew, smaller businesses can turn to AI to achieve similar results in quality and engagement. This ingenious solution empowers businesses to curate professional-looking videos without the need for an extensive crew of professional filmmakers. AI video-generating tools can automate and streamline many video-related tasks, from editing to processing, resulting in visually striking videos that align seamlessly with your brand identity. 

While there are many advantages to this approach, perhaps the most significant is the ability to create videos that can compete with the big brands for a portion of the costs. For startups and small businesses, this can be a game-changing experience for their social media content. AI videos are best suited for product and service presentations, or generic business introductions. If you wish to go more in detail and showcase your team or your success stories, these videos can feel too impersonal. 

Drone videos

As drones are becoming more manageable and accessible in terms of everyday use, small businesses can also consider investing in a drone device, such as the DJI Air 3, which provides a high-quality live feed. 

Drones are a fantastic addition to your social media game, bringing a new perspective to your content. Videos recorded from the drone’s perspective can inject a new source of engagement into your feeds. What makes drone footage engaging? The soaring vistas, dynamic movement, and grandeur of aerial footage lend a cinematic quality that transcends conventional social media videos. 

Drone footage is best suited for industries where an aerial perspective can enhance the product or service, such as travel, real estate, event management, and even adventure sports. Bear in mind that drones have limited flight ability, so you want to get to your location rapidly to start filming. 

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GoPro camera – Self POV

The first-person point of view, as captured by a GoPro camera, can offer an immersive journey into the world of your content. This technique, reminiscent of the vantage point in video games, brings an element of realism and relatability. 

Where should you best use the Self POV? First of all, if you are going to record a video using yourself as a vantage point, you will need to invest in a body harness to attach the camera to your chest or your head. Chest is a favorite position, as it can display your movements and hand gestures more accurately. 

Typically, this recording technique is best suited for step-by-step tutorials to behind-the-scenes glimpses, as the approach resonates well with audiences seeking authenticity. Businesses in the fitness, culinary, sports, and DIY industry sectors can effectively leverage this approach to establish a personal connection with their audience. 

360-degree camera with a mouth holder

This popular TikTok trend creates fun and interactive videos. You will need a camera with a 360-degree function as well as a mouth holder that allows you to become the center of the 360 circle. The final result captivates viewers by literally immersing them into your content. 

This isn’t a specialist recording skill, however, you will need the right equipment to make it work. The camera angle is typically referred to as a nose cam mode, which distorts the perception of your surroundings. Yet, that being said, viewers love the fun element of it and this can help break through the digital barriers.

Typically, this is a great recording technique for travel diaries, bringing a new perspective to known attractions and regions. 

Time-lapse recording

Time-lapse videos distill time into art. Your smartphone is typically able to provide a time-lapse feature, which makes it incredibly easy to create engaging content with the tech you use every day. To put it in clear terms, a time-lapse video is a condensed sequence that showcases a process or a transformation through the medium of photos taken at different times. So, this could be something fun such as showing the construction process of a product, or the bloom of a flower, for example.

Typically, industries that use time-lapse recordings effectively are those where progress is part of the successful delivery of the product or service, such as construction, painting and decoration, landscaping, baking, or urban life, etc. This is a great way to amplify the visual narrative. 

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CCTV camera effect

This might seem like an odd choice, but the enigmatic allure of the CCTV camera effects can evoke curiosity and suspense. This is an effect that can be added to a recording to simulate the aesthetic of a surveillance camera. 

Why would you want to add a CCTV effect? The answer is simple: To create content that intrigues and captivates. This is a great choice for businesses in the entertainment industry or for escape room companies to create teasers and mystery-themed narratives. 

Additional tips for video processing and recording

You can bring your social media activities to the next level with some extra supplementary recording and processing techniques, such as: 

  • Black and white videos with a colorful accent: You can use a black and white palette with strategically placed bursts of vibrant color to create visually striking and attention-grabbing sequences. 
  • If you wish to combine multiple videos, creating exciting transitions that navigate between the scenes can enhance the visual rhythm and hold the viewer’s interest for longer. 
  • Lip-syncing is a popular trend. You can synchronize your video content with audio, music, or voiceover to create an engaging and entertaining experience. This can be a simple filler video as part of your content journey, or it could also be used as food for thought, such as entrepreneurs sharing their experiences by quoting famous movies. 

As the digital realm continues to evolve, the race for engaging content takes priority. Your chosen recording method becomes the brushstroke that paints your brand’s identity onto the canvas of social media.

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