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On those rare occasions when I get an opportunity to tune into those daytime shows such as The View, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Steve Harvey Show, and the Wendy Williams Show – I have to be honest and admit how quickly absorbed I can become.  I eagerly wait for the show to return during the commercial breaks and I must say – they are super fun to watch and usually, they leave you feeling inspired.

By the end of the show, I’m pretty pumped and eager to watch the next episode.  I find myself always wanting more.  So, I quickly give in to the invitation to check out the website and Facebook page.  I usually end up clicking around from page to page far longer than I intended.

The writer in me, and the communications professional that I am, always leads me to analyze everything.  I want to know exactly what it is about these day time shows that make them so completely irresistible? And I want to know how I can apply the same strategies to my blog.

The goal of a blog, like any other form of media is to build an audience that attracts advertisers and generates an income.  The format may be different and user habits may vary on the internet, but ultimately there are still tried and true strategies that work when it comes to building an audience that, when adapted appropriately to fit the needs of your blog niche, can help.

Here’s what I noticed:

You can wake up with a banging headache, be in a super drag of a mood, with no coffee to ease your grogginess – but none of this will stop you from getting a complete kick out of watching Ellen dance down the aisle and across the stage.  I’ve tried to keep my morning grumpiness intact, but before I even know it, I’m bobbing my head to the music and even laughing as she starts her funny, but well-researched introduction.

Research strengthens the content

That’s when I realize that she’s not just standing up there chewing the fat, someone’s done their homework and even when she’s being funny while sharing unusual facts about animals, it is so much more interesting because some research has been done.  Ellen has always been a great comedienne, but the research that she builds her show around makes it that much stronger.

So, that got me to thinking: it’s no wonder many bloggers get writer’s block – it’s almost impossible to maintain a blog without some form of research.  It doesn’t have to be hard-core academic level research, but at some point, you’ve got to take time to anticipate the readers’ questions and search for the answers – then present the information you find in an entertaining and engaging format.

Giveaways are even more irresistible

Giveaways are a day time show staple.  After Oprah gave everybody a car, I’m sure the other day time show producers were ready to retire – how could anyone ever top that and I mean ever?   Obviously, the answer is that it can’t be topped without sending the media company and its sponsors into bankruptcy, so don’t try.  Just resolve to give away less extravagant items or limit them to just one lucky winner.

As a blogger with a limited budget, the thought of hosting a giveaway may seem like an exercise in futility – especially when the best that can be offered consists of a free book or a few dollars in Paypal funds.  But it’s not about the size of the prize – it’s how well it fits within the community and the positive experience it creates for the readers.

Ellen’s show is the best when it comes to the way the giveaways are organized.  Most of the lucky winners get to speak directly to Ellen as she sets them up for a surprise that they could never fathom.  Why is this so awesome?  Because Ellen takes the time to connect directly with her audience – she really cares about the people she helps and it shows.

How could you apply the same level of care and create fun giveaways?

Even if the prizes can’t come close to a new car, home makeover or trip to Maui, you can still conduct giveaways that get your audience excited if you offer things that they care about.  Then, get them involved by asking them to share their personal experiences in the comments section as an entry requirement.

Get Connected with Social Media

At the end of every show, Judge Mathis sends his viewers to Facebook.  He strategically poses a question in such a way that even if you didn’t care before, you still find yourself wanting to head over to Facebook to find the answer.  Why does he do that?  Why send an audience that he’s already succeeded in capturing to go to Facebook?  Because, that’s where he can stay in contact with them and keep them thinking about the show even after it has ended.

It may seem like a lot to keep up with all of the ever changing social networking sites, but it’s important to maintain an active account so that even when there’s nothing new on your blog, you can keep your readers thinking about it when you post interesting things via social media.  Now that most people use their cell phones to connect to social networking sites, it means that you’ll have a more intimate means of connecting with your audience that will allow you to lure them back to your blog when they aren’t thinking about it.

Be Informative, Inspiring and Entertaining

Most media outlets to try serve their audience either by informing them, inspiring them to do something, or simply by entertaining them.  I believe that the winning combination is to try to do all three on your blog.  Provide valuable information to your audience in such a way that it inspires them to reach their goals and also entertains them in the process.  Your content will be stickier if your readers can laugh a little bit while learning something that can help them solve their problems.

If you present that information and clarify difficult concepts in such a way that it makes them feel as if they are more equipped to tackle their problems, they’ll be inspired to take action.  When they achieve success, they’ll be reminded of the tips they received from your blog and will forever be loyal readers.

These are just a few strategies that you can borrow from day time television that will help you build an audience.  These strategies are NOT new – why re-invent the wheel when you can simply apply the same strategies that win Emmy’s and generate millions in sponsor revenue?

Over to you:  What other strategies can bloggers borrow from day time TV that will help them build a massive audience?  Share your ideas in the comments section.

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Kiesha Easley, Online strategy and Blogging expert from, South Carolina.

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  1. Darnell Jackson

    This is excellent Kiesha,

    Your right research does strengthen your content it has the same effect of publishing surveys or case studies when done right.

    People always respond well to factual tidbits that they may have not been thinking about.

    You know who does the BEST job of this? Nardwar ha haaaaaaa!!! but he aint on daytime tv yet.

    1. Kiesha Easley[ Post Author ]

      Hi Darnell!
      Glad to see you here! Now you’ve got me going to figure who this zany-looking Nardwar character is!! LOL!

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