Do-It-Yourself Website Design Mistakes

Do-It-Yourself Website Design Mistakes by @NancySeeger

Do-It-Yourself Website Design Mistakes

by Nancy Seeger | Featured Contributor

Getting a website up is becoming easier with endless topics for consumption. So if you have an urgent need for more information on “cat warts,” for example, you’ll get instant gratification (Yeah, who knew?)!

When you’re starting out, the do-it-yourself option looks attractive; however, as with anything, ease of use shouldn’t be confused with expertise. As an entrepreneur, you need to represent your business well on the internet.

Since most don’t spend their days immersed in web design, it’s easy to run afoul of some design mishaps that look unprofessional. These tips will help!

  • Social sharing buttons everywhere! Blog posts are the best location for share buttons, but there’s proof people don’t use them because they don’t work on mobile devices.
  • Footer has WordPress and Theme credits. The default language with newly installed WordPress themes usually has the “Powered by WordPress” and theme developer credit wording. This looks unprofessional. Having a current copyright date along with your business name and a link to your contact form is a good starting point.
  • Sliders. They look great, but unfortunately site visitors scroll right past them (unless you’re Apple!). Data indicates click through rates are less than .1%. Any web designer not living under a rock will try hard to talk you out of the idea. Need more convincing?
  • Colors your audience doesn’t relate to. Maybe dark brown is your favorite, but if your audience is primarily women, this may be a turn off. Colors are big communicators. You’re trying to attract potential clients, not selling to yourself.
  • Overly trendy/busy layouts. Theme sellers push heavy image themes because they sell well. But you’re selling your services, not themes, so skip the flashy stuff. Unless you are a photographer or artist needing a portfolio theme, stick with simple layouts.

And of course it must be mobile-friendly, but that topic is covered ad nauseum just about everywhere!

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Nancy Seeger – Web Designer for the Performing Arts and Regular Folks

Nancy Seeger - Web DesignerNancy Seeger is based just outside of Washington DC in Virginia but still thinks of Michigan, her birth state, as home.

For Nancy, it has always been about the audience. First as a professional musician, then as an orchestra manager learning how to engage the public with marketing campaigns, even when websites were still considered optional.

After leaving orchestras, Nancy realized her passion for web design. She spent two years taking classes to hone her skills while working with her first client, a GRAMMY artist. Currently Nancy’s web design firm, Arts Assistance, creates sites for a variety of industries. Nancy believes it’s about connecting with the audience and blogs weekly, sharing website tips for businesses. She is a strong advocate of design as part of the marketing toolkit.

When not buried in Photoshop or code, Ms. Seeger thinks being green is buying a fancy espresso machine to cut out daily trips to Starbucks. Because she can’t live on espresso alone, she also loves drinking green smoothies (with her latté of course). Is there any better way to start the day?

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  1. John S

    Nice information posted here. If you are a business owner and you are holding your own website design, then you cannot afford to commit any undesirable mistakes that will affect your business.

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