Author: Nancy Seeger

Nancy Seeger is based just outside of Washington DC in Virginia but still thinks of Michigan, her birth state, as home. For Nancy, it has always been about the audience. First as a professional musician, then as an orchestra manager learning how to engage the public with marketing campaigns, even when websites were still considered optional. After leaving orchestras, Nancy realized her passion for web design. She spent two years taking classes to hone her skills while working with her first client, a GRAMMY artist. Currently, Nancy’s web design firm, Arts Assistance, creates sites for a variety of industries. Nancy believes it’s about connecting with the audience and blogs weekly, sharing website tips for businesses. She is a strong advocate of design as part of the marketing toolkit. When not buried in Photoshop or code, Ms. Seeger thinks being green is buying a fancy espresso machine to cut out daily trips to Starbucks. Because she can’t live on espresso alone, she also loves drinking green smoothies (with her latté of course). Is there any better way to start the day?
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Do-It-Yourself Website Design Mistakes

by Nancy Seeger Getting a website up is becoming easier with endless topics for consumption. So if you have an urgent need for more information on “cat warts,” for example, you’ll get instant gratification (Yeah, who knew?)! When you’re starting out, the do-it-yourself option looks attractive; however, as with anything, ease of use shouldn’t be […]

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Top 5 Practices for Healthy Websites

by Nancy Seeger Having a healthy website doesn’t mean increasing your intake of green veggies, time spent at the gym, or even counting calories. Whew, did I have you worried there for a moment? Having a healthy website is more about keeping it secure from all the nasties out there such as malware, hacks, and […]

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Website Design Mistakes That Cost You Money

by Nancy Seeger Ever go to a website you’re interested in only to be so irritated or turned off you just leave? Yikes! Unfortunately this happens, and it might even be taking place on your site! Fix these snafus so you’re in the clear! Website Mistakes That Cause People to Leave The Chugger! A website […]

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Taking Your Website Design to the Next Level

by Nancy Seeger | Featured Contributor Has your website been redesigned or refreshed in the last five years? If not, it’s time. Dude, you don’t want to watch “I Love Lucy” in HD, right? It’s easy to set up your website and ignore it. But potential clients check you out online before contacting you! An […]

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Blog Posts That Get Read – Styling Tips That Work

by Nancy Seeger You spend oodles of time making sure your blog post content is valuable and something your readers appreciate. But are you getting results? Is the format style easily readable? These tips will help. The presentation of your text and images could be scaring your readers away. I recently experienced this when I […]

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Top Five Web Design Trends You Need to Know

by Nancy Seeger It’s 2015 and a wonderful time to take stock and set new goals for your business. As you look over your business marketing, you might wonder – if it’s time for a new website! As you can imagine, website technology is constantly evolving, as are the devices we use. There are so […]

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