Healthy website tips

Top 5 Practices for Healthy Websites

Healthy website tips

by Nancy Seeger

Having a healthy website doesn’t mean increasing your intake of green veggies, time spent at the gym, or even counting calories. Whew, did I have you worried there for a moment? Having a healthy website is more about keeping it secure from all the nasties out there such as malware, hacks, and viruses.

If you are an active blogger, you might have noticed WordPress has done several small updates lately. While the “Mobilegeddon” change has grabbed the majority of headlines, what you might not be aware of is a quiet war being waged in the web industry. This is due to a newly discovered vulnerability found in many things you use for your WordPress website.

Keeping Ahead of the Marauding Hordes – Security Threats

On April 20, it came to light that 17 top-used WordPress plugins had the Cross-site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability that would allow hackers to take advantage of your website. Some of the more popular plugins include WordPress SEO; All In One SEO; JetPack; Google Analytics; Gravity Forms, etc. Additional plugins have also been discovered since then having the vulnerability, even WordPress itself.

But don’t worry, I’ve got your back! There are some nifty steps you can do to keep your website healthy from XSS and other threats. It’s just like updating any software and getting a few tools; it just needs some attention on a regular basis to keep things humming along!

The Green Veggie Steps for Healthy Websites

  • Offsite Backups. When a malware attack, server crash, or simply a plugin conflict that brings the “white screen of death,” you will need to restore your website to an earlier version. Don’t count on a web host to do backups, most do not keep much beyond 24 hours (if they even do backups). Use VaultPress or Backup Buddy for daily backups of your website (to an offsite location). Peace of mind!
  • Use Strong Passwords. Top listed reason for hacked sites – weak passwords. Your business name with a number or two is easily hacked by automated scripts to your WordPress login page. Oh, and if you have “admin” for your user login – you are very vulnerable. Use a strong password you don’t use anywhere else (use LastPass or 1Password to track passwords.)
  • Update Your Plugins Regularly. When a security issue or bug is discovered, many developers are quick to get a fix out. Backup your website and then update your plugins. Check weekly for updates.
  • Update WordPress. Most updates to the third-digit release (for example the release change from 4.2.1 to 4.2.2) are security fixes, and you want those. Recent versions of WordPress have automated updates turned on for these minor updates by default. Occasionally there are plugin conflicts after a WordPress update; this is one of those times a daily backup is helpful to restore an earlier version of your website.
  • Security Tools. Although the above steps will be a big help, it isn’t going to cover everything. A good security plugin like WordFence will help (but turn off live scanning, it eats up server resources.) I highly recommend signing up for Sucuri’s malware protection service, should disaster strike, they can fix your site and scan for malware (paid version).

Those are the basic steps to keep your website humming along! What steps are you doing to keep your website healthy and secure?

Want more tips? Read about more security plugins.

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4 Replies to “Top 5 Practices for Healthy Websites”

  1. tomwills

    A good website will get noticed easily and will catch a lot of readers interest for a long time. To have a good website follow these tips:

    1. Nancy Seeger[ Post Author ]

      There are some good tips on link you included Tom but the terminology would be difficult for non-web design peeps. The author forgot to keep in mind non web developer audiences.

  2. Reginald Chan

    Hi Nancy,

    Nice article and thanks for sharing. For starters, I noticed too many people aren’t updating their site. Please update your theme, plugin and even WordPress core.

    If not, you are just asking for trouble as cleaning up is insane job!

    Thanks for sharing and shared this across Triberr 🙂

    1. Nancy Seeger[ Post Author ]

      Hi Reginald,

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. YES, updates are very valuable as part of the strategy for keeping on top of those nasties out there.

      Thanks so much for sharing the post!

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