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Top Five Web Design Trends You Need to Know

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15 Replies to “Top Five Web Design Trends You Need to Know”


    Excellent Article! All the information you were mention is quite amazing.

  2. Domingo Guisti

    Good article. All trends selected correctly, especially large backgrounds, “card design” and widgets.

  3. Kevin Petersen

    Thanks Nancy Seeger for your informative post.

    1. Nancy Seeger[ Post Author ]

      Glad you enjoyed it Kevin.

  4. Ginny Gemmel

    Thanks so much. Will heed your advice . Looks like WordPress may be best.
    Take care

  5. Ginny Gemmel

    Thanks – as I’m beginning to resesrch building a website. My daughter used WordPress & it was very difficult & took a year to complete. I’m seriously considering Shopify. Any thoughts ?
    Again, thanks for the tips . I am a jewelry designer. And I need to spend time creating the jewelry not the website. Fortunately, my husband is a computer programmer and website developer. But even he needs the newest tips and trends. I sent this article to him. Have a super day. Thanks

    1. Nancy Seeger[ Post Author ]

      Hi Ginny,

      Thanks for asking. Building a website on your own is a daunting task.

      My thoughts on Shopify… well it is an all in one solution (not WordPress) that hosts everything. There is a learning curve while you learn their interface (dashboards) and learning how to resize images etc. It might be a good starter solution but long term not as cost effective.

      But with all one in one solutions like Shopify, you will be locked in to their product – exporting might be limited. Most business eventually will turn to WordPress because of its powerful tools and flexibility. There are thousands of plugins that extend the functionality of WordPress.

      My advice, if you want to get back to business, hire an expert to build your site. Web design for websites is a tough business and the good ones are constantly aware of what works and savvy at designing good solutions specifically for you. The do-it-yourself route is fine if you have the time when you are starting out but it can be highly technical and hard to get the customized look. A good web designer will not only stay true to your branding (logo for example) but keep your audience in mind in ensuring it is appealing to your audience.

  6. Desiree

    Great article! Thanks for the helpful ideas for those of us who aren’t a seasoned designer, like yourself.

    1. Nancy Seeger[ Post Author ]

      Thanks so much Desiree. I also did a website checklist on my blog last week, you might find that helpful.

  7. Taryn Merrick

    Great article Nancy!! You are always on top of web design, web trends, etc. You also design beautiful and functional websites that flow beautifully. Good work!

    1. Nancy Seeger[ Post Author ]

      Thanks so much Taryn!

  8. Erin Margolin

    Spot on, Nancy. You are definitely a pro, and I hope people read this and take your advice!! So excited to see you here at She Owns It!!

    1. Nancy Seeger[ Post Author ]

      Very much appreciated – thanks Erin!

  9. Diana Ennen

    Great article. So many tips I wasn’t aware of. I especially like #4, trends to avoid. Definitely something to watch for. Look forward to more articles like this on web design. Thanks Diana

    1. Nancy Seeger[ Post Author ]

      So glad you enjoyed it! Thanks Diana

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