Does Your National Tour Lack Focus?

Photo Credit: Sergey Vladimirov via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Sergey Vladimirov via Compfight cc


by Vernetta R. Freeney

That’s an extremely important question to ask yourself. When you begin planning your national tour you should always begin with a clear and concise focus to compliment your business mission.

After your first tour you may receive mix feedback. Not mix in the sense of negative reviews but mix in the sense everyone has different perspectives of the purpose of your tour. This is common among entrepreneurs who are in a hurry to build a large and engaging market.


There are 3 ways you can ensure your national tour has focus.


What service or product do you sell?

Your tour should be an extension of what you want to be known for providing to the marketplace. If you are known for exceptional coaching programs, then your tour focus should be to highlight one aspect of your coaching program. The most effective thing you can do is to use that as an incentive for people to not just attend your tour but want to hire you to solve their business problem.


Most entrepreneurs have deemed themselves an “expert” on a particular topic.

The focus of your tour can be a way to showcase your expertise on your topic. For example, if you are the ‘Mentor Maven’ that means you are exceptionally good at guiding other people. The focus of your tour should center on the needs your market has as well as the solutions they are seeking that you actually provide. Doing research and soliciting feedback is key to knowing if your expertise is something people will pay for.


Limited funds or not budgeting correctly

This can impair the focus of your tour especially if you’re counting on it making you a nice return. It’s even more so for you than anything else. You may spend more time on what you couldn’t do for your tour than what you can actually do. The main thing to do in this situations is to not worry about the lack of funds. This is where your creativity will shine. More than anything when your creativity shines people are drawn to you. Your creativity allows you to set yourself apart from others in your industry by focusing on you as a solution.

These are just three reasons your tour may lack focus. Your goal is to keep the focus of your tour aligned with the purpose of your business. Remember to not deviate from your mission just to make money.




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