Don’t Want to Be a Speaker? Your Business Still Needs a Signature Talk

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When I first started my business, I did everything myself. Even tasks that I completely sucked at. I did my own accounting even though I hate numbers. I proofread my own blog post even though I knew I couldn’t proofread my own writing. I designed my own website, and no I’m not a designer.

I quickly learned, however, that if I wasn’t good at something, I need to outsource it immediately. I found a bookkeeper, a virtual assistant, and designer.


What’s the one thing that you cannot outsource in your business?

How you communicate about your business

Even if you have no plans for becoming a rock star public speaker or promoting your business through speaking, your business still needs a signature talk.

How can that be?

You need your very own signature talk because no one can replace YOU when you need to communicate about your business. I’ve seen my clients use the signature talk they created with me when they:

  • go live on a webinar
  • get behind the mic for the podcast interview that exposes them to a new audience
  • hold a sales conversations with a potential client
  • create a launch video series
  • give your elevator pitch at a networking event

Your signature talk is a representation of you and your business. It’s not only for your next speaking gig but for every single time you open your mouth to speak.

The online world where we do business is a noisy place. Your potential client’s attention is scattered and competition is intense.

Your communication about your business needs to be remarkable and stand out. Even if your talk is remarkable – your audience may still miss out on your message the first, fourth and even the 28th time they hear it.


The bottom line is:

You need to nail your signature talk both onstage and off.

It’s time to be known for what you do and how your business serves.

So what are you going to do, keep stumbling over your words in an interview or start getting crystal clear on what you want to be known for and getting your message into the hands of the people who need you and your business?

Create a signature talk that you can use in all of your business marketing and watch all those potential clients suddenly get clear on exactly what you do and then flock to you.

Remember, you can outsource nearly every other aspect of your business, but you can never outsource how you talk about your business.




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