Embrace the Suck Because That’s Where Success Is by @chloe_hung31

by Chloe Hung

Being successful doesn’t mean earning a lot of money or being the best at what you do or beating your competition. My personal view on success is to become a better you today than you were yesterday.

I used to think that success was all about getting good grades in college and getting a good high-paying job after college graduation. In reality, good grades and a high-paying job have zero meaning when it comes to success. I learned this the hard way.

Here’s a personal experience which has truly helped me enjoy the success I have today.
Back when I was in college, my friends used to say that I was the only one that studied so much every single day. I was the kid who locked myself in my room to study during the weekends.

Why did I study so hard?

Well, I did that because I wanted to become the top student. I strongly believed that I had to get top scores in all of my college exams to become successful upon college graduation. Unfortunately, my outstanding grades didn’t get me far in life.

Despite my academic achievements, I graduated college as an unemployed. I felt like a complete failure. I was constantly depressed, stressed out, and cranky.

I settled for a part-time low-paying administrative job which I hated because I couldn’t land a full-time job. My self-confidence hit rock bottom and I stopped working towards my dreams of becoming an actuary. I continued living like this for about a year. After that one year, the pain of living such a meaningless life became so unbearable that I decided to change.

I began to change my mindset and my definition of success. I told myself that success doesn’t mean getting good grades or landing a high-paying job or being better than your friends. Instead, success is all about becoming a better you today than you were yesterday. All my past failures are simply stepping stones that bring me closer to success.

This shift in my mindset helped me direct all my focus and energy towards improving myself. Fast forward to this current day, I am now an author, an entrepreneur, and a mentor to students. Success came when I started working on myself instead of my external environment.

In other words, I stopped blaming my environment for my failures. I also adopted a grateful attitude towards life where I was thankful for all the pleasant and unpleasant experiences that were thrown at me. Unpleasant experiences are a part of life and they are usually the main key towards a person’s success.

Life does not always turn out the way we want it to.

And I am glad it does not because this gives me the opportunity to become stronger and better every single day. So if you are struggling through life right now, don’t give up! Keep pushing on because if you stop in the face of failure, you are doomed to fail forever. Don’t waste your life competing with others and chasing after success. Let life run its natural course. Success and happiness come naturally and automatically. Our job is to learn how to flow with the tide.



Chloe Hung is a woman who has a transformational message surrounding motivation and happiness through her personal success story. She is an entrepreneur, a savvy investor, an international Actuarial Consultant and Coach, and she is also the author of the recently published book, Strength in Numbers. Visit her website here: http://myactuarialresource.com/.

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2 Replies to “Embrace the Suck Because That’s Where Success Is by @chloe_hung31”

  1. Vanessa CAst

    Success is very personal, defined by each one of us. When we try to create a “one size fits all” success definition, people can get frustrated and unhappy.

    I’m happy to read that you discovered your very personal definition of success, this is a key secret for happiness.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Luci Gabel

    This is great! I think many of us have our definition of success anchored to an external variable that’s not always under our control. There are so many deeper meanings of life and success. It’s important to search those out. And yet, it can be hard in a culture where these external values are so ingrained. Good for you that you solidified new values, and thanks for sharing!

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