Empowering Women’s Wear Brand Lady Wolf Launches Online

The brand was founded by Mandy Martinez, military wife who was looking to find her own voice, and be a part of something with meaning. This led to the creation of Lady Wolf, a brand that was created to support, empower and motivate women on their quest of discovering their purpose, while embracing their individuality. Lady Wolf is more than just a brand, it represents a movement; a progressive sisterhood that celebrates women for the incredibly strong, powerful beings that they are!

Lady Wolf is now stocked online, featuring a range of clothing pieces that showcase a variety of unique messages. With 47 styles to currently choose from, shoppers are invited to pick a message that reflects the amazing women they are, and they are encouraged to wear it proudly! In addition to the clothing, Lady Wolf also stocks a small line of stainless steel jewelry, imprinted with some of their top inspiring quotes. They also have a skin care line, which includes bath bombs and goat milk soap. The bath bombs are natural, gluten free and vegan. Both the bath bombs and goat milk soaps use phthalate-free fragrances, and are made by an all-female team.

Despite the website being live for only a very short time, the brand has already caught the eye of numerous celebrities, who are singing their praise across social media. Lady Wolf has been seen on various actresses including Jona Xiao (Being Mary Jane, Gifted), Iris Almario (Nobodies, Jane the Virgin, NCIS, Code Black), Chelsea Harris (Designated Survivor), Feliz Ramirez (ABC’s new show from Eva Longoria, Grand Hotel), actress/model Shelise Ann Hufstetler (Lifetime Movie Network’s Reincarnated – Past Lives).

Not only is Lady Wolf a brand that is promoting a positive movement for women, they are also giving back to the community. This year the company will be donating 5% of its profits to non-profit organization Girls Who Code. Starting in 2019 Lady Wolf will be featuring a new non-profit every quarter, with 5% of the profits for each quarter going to the designated non-profit group.


United States born brand Lady Wolf has just released their new line of women’s clothing, and is already being well-received by the public and notable celebrities.

TAMPA, FLORIDA, LADY WOLF FASHION/ – Officially launched on July 14th, 2018, Lady Wolf clothing is a brand with a message. Here to motivate and uplift women, their statement pieces read positive, inspiring quotes. Lady Wolf announced the launch of their unique range across their social media platforms, offering a free gift to their first 50 customers, which saw a few of the popular styles being sold out within a day.

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