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by SJ Barakony | Featured Contributor

The ‘Why, Whom, How, When, & Where’ of Listening to Podcasts

Podcasting is a phenomenal medium for entrepreneurs in so many ways that it stood out to me as an ideal ‘sequel’ post to last month’s focus on self directed education.

Over a decade ago, as the entrepreneurial, “E” pathway in America quietly criss-crossed with the “C” pathway ( Corporate ), thereby becoming more viable & available to the masses than it had been since the latter decades in the 19th century; in parallel, many new educational options emerged to enable us to constantly learn outside of a classroom’s credentialized learning environment:

  • Webinars
  • Networking & business development combined [ e.g., H7 Network ]
  • audio books [ Audible & others ]
  • Seminars [ usually in person ]
  • Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • E-books

We’ve become more blessed than ever before, since its crucially important to be constantly feeding yourself the very best ‘brain‘ food as you pursue your dreams, turn those ideas into actionable strategies, goals, & plans, and, of course, serve your clients/customers thereby solving their problems, challenges, roadblocks, & pain points.

Mr. Chris Hewitt spoke of “‘The 4 P’s of Podcasting’ : Permission; Personality; Passion; Profit.”

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Here’s the fantastic article from the spring of 2018 which discusses these 4 P’s in far greater detail:  How to Turn your Idea into an Audio Hit – it’s well worth reading.

Why should I listen to podcasts?

Building further on the foundation of those P’s , podcasts are:


  • Highly portable’ via any smart device that huge majorities of us carry everywhere.
  • Their content “seeps in” easier during more ‘mindless’ activities, like many household chores.
  • They’re easier to adopt and grow a lifelong learning mindset than sitting down to read.
  • A majority of hosts & their created/curated content is NOT taught in conventional schooling courses/curricula.


Where & When to listen?

From my own story, I encourage everyone to listen anywhere & anytime they possibly can; you might be surprised at the opportunities in ‘cracks’ of time that you’ve not thought of!


  • Grocery shopping & other errands
  • While driving
  • During solo meals
  • Household chores as a positive add-on ; replace mind numbing television with a podcast episode or three.
  • Working out


How might I listen?   I’m so ‘busy’ !?


That’s one of the oldest mantras you’ll hear, and likely have used many times; let’s toss it aside, since we all have had the exact same number of seconds, minutes, & hours in our days since the beginning of time.

Trust me in this:  If you bucket your day into what we might call ‘time investments‘; ‘time expenditures‘; and ‘time wasters‘, you’ll be able to find and/or create the time to answer this to your own satisfaction.


Whom should I listen to?  

The number of options are mind blowing!


  • Over 550,000 active shows
  • 18.5+ million episodes
  • 100+ languages

Source & all credit to:


Whom?  Part 2 : Top 10(+1) List


With that many options, it’s beyond clear that this post is only scratching the tiniest portion of the surface of what’s available.

Yet, I’m confident that each of these are well worth your time investment; please either listen to an episode from the below sample &/or subscribe right away. I heartily welcome your feedback, both on this post and/or through my social channels, after you’ve done so.



The Rich Dad Radio Show w/ Robert Kiyosaki

  • Jan 31 (2018) : Blockchain will Change Everything in Business ; July 4 (2018) : Find out How Financial Education Sets You Free

How I Built This w/ Guy Raz

  • June 25 (2018) : Lyft: John Zimmer ; March 26 (2018) : Atari & Chuck E. Cheese’s: Nolan Bushnell

Igniting Souls w/ Kary Oberbrunner

  • July 27 (2018) : Why podcasts grow your … (Jeff Brown interview) ; August 3 (2018) : Why your freedom, finances, & fulfillment … ( David Branderhorst interview )

The Go Giver w/ Bob Burg

  • 120 : My New Favorite Story ; 086 : Business is for KidsJJ Ramberg

Entre Leadership

  • 267: Gary KellyLeading Through Tragedy ; 262 : Daymond JohnRise & Grind

Isaac Moorehouse

  • 138 : Bryan Caplan on The Case Against Education ; 128 : Robert Murphy on Austrian Business Cycle Theory

Success to Significance hosted by Rick Coplin **

  • StS035: How to be an Extraordinary, Life Centered Mentor ; StS001: Get Out Before They Carry You Out

** the podcast is on hiatus & will resume with season II

School Sucks

  • 567: Noah TetznerThe Unschooler Podcast Star ; 550-51 : Blake BolesWhat It Means to Be Educated

Our Modern Heritage

  • 023: The Importance of Soft Skills to Prepare for the Future ; 035: Kirstynn EvansStarting a Business with Your Child

Conversations on Communications w/ Joel Kessel

  • 033: Let’s Not Lose Sight of Basic Fundamentals ; 028 : The Most Damaging Thing to a Child

Columbus Entrepreneurs

  • 026: Claire Coder of Aunt Flow ; 006: David Butcher , FlyBy Entrepreneurship


In short …

  • There are so many ways to be self educated; create & expand your lifelong learning culture & related habits.
  • Know of the 4 P’s to podcasting.
  • The answers to the Why, When, & Where Q’s are more valuable than How.
  • Feel welcome to start, or grow, your podcasting habit by listening in to any of the ten/10 recommended hosts & sample episodes above.


Thank YOU for reading!

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