Author: SJ Barakony

SJ Barakony is a serial entrepreneur, futurist, & connector.

He lives in Ohio & is the Founder of Service Before Self Leadership: An Educational Solutions Provider.

He offers four highly customizable solutions to encourage families, individuals, faith institutions, & business owners to create & cultivate lifelong learning cultures in our homes & workplaces.

He’s been a guest on an educational podcast; been interviewed for an online small business community; is a guest blogger for Innovate NA; and has been an invited speaker five separate times for HECOA. He believes strongly in youth & social entrepreneurship: He continues to serve two chapters of the YEA program (student mentor, mock judge, ad hoc consultant ) & has co-facilitated a session of the SeaChange Accelerator program.

He serves as the TDD for Cleveland & Columbus (Ohio) for the H7 Network.

He also recently became an educational advisor for, a startup  in the exciting world of blockchain/cryptocurrencies that will be establishing a cutting edge educational foundation.

Gig – Sharing – Youpreneur – [Ec]onomy

by SJ Barakony | Featured Contributor    ‘Lean in … it’s growing daily.’   As this blog goes live, we find ourselves on a chronological cusp; it’s not just A New Year’s Eve/Day:  it marks an entirely new decade! The 2020’s will bring us untold innovation which’ll make us do double-takes; one trend, though, that […]

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4 Pillars of a Civil Society by @SBSLEducSoltns

  The ‘Holidays’ …   … offer entrepreneurs a renewed opportunity to serve, solve, & be civil, especially in hyper competitive industries.   With this mindset, we can ask ourselves a key question:   How can business owners strengthen the pillars of our civil society?   Please think & then brainstorm ways to turn thoughts […]

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Stages of Success

  Stages of Success   [ ‘S o S’ ] = Leveraging Stages to Earn Something More: Significance   Flying @ 35K ft   As entrepreneurs, we’ve often heard how important it is to be successful. And, as so many of us also know, success is defined in so many different ways, through lots of […]

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Mompreneurs Educating Kids

So, you’re a mom with a business …   … & you want them to understand your why .    Aspirations You’re already the CEO, COO, & CFO of your household. Yet, you desire to create a legacy, being remembered as more than just a mom-preneur who provides a product/s, service/s, or specialized knowledge to the […]

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Leadership’s Many Flavors by @SBSLEducSoltns

Leading from the Front with Four   Ground Floor : Leadership & Management   It’s nearing mid summer in the northern hemisphere; recently, we celebrated national Ice Cream Day! Many have favorite flavors of this delish dessert; this holds true for leadership, too.   Paraphrasing a Supreme Court justice: ‘We know leadership when we see […]

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Education … School(ing) … & Degree Signaling

Dissecting the Differences     Remember ‘synonyms’ & ‘antonyms’?   Let’s revisit 2 words from our common past in a primary (‘K’-’5’) classroom. Our teachers very likely taught us that a synonym’s definition = this ; whereas, an antonym’s = this. Many graduates would admit, being authentic & unguarded, that much of what they learned […]

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Potential Power Lies in Your Personality by @SBSLEducSoltns

( A walk in the personality ‘park’ under temperament ‘trees’ & social style ‘leaves’  ) Personalities.   We all have one. And we know others do, too. Far from an earth shattering observation, mind you.  Yet, why do so many entrepreneurially minded pros, whether in a sales role, running a micro or small business, or […]

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The Energy of Entrepreneurship by @SBSLEducSoltns

( A flyover of all the glorious forms of creating your own asset ) Just as a strong case can be made that entrepreneurship & education are intertwined, so the same can be said for energy & entrepreneurship. How many business owners do you know who live day to day with boundless determination?  Joy? A […]

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CoWorking is Cutting Edge ( and Cool! A Primer. ) by @SBSLEducSoltns

Coworking is a remarkable concept that will enable many additional citizens to pursue their callings in entrepreneurship without the pratfalls of the prior 2 eras, the blue & white collar industrial ages.   No longer will the price tag, complexity, or fear of having to sign a multi-year lease, or rent to (eventually) own agreement […]

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Consumer v. Producer : Which are YOU? by @SBSLEducSoltns

Stretching your Entrepreneurial Thinking While entrepreneurs will always consume certain resources, no different from our staff, or other citizens,, we shouldn’t think through a consumer lens nor should we spend precious time being one. So, let’s shake things up!   While reading, please invest time to ask yourself some questions. As I often advise mentees, […]

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