It’s ‘Back to School’ … Self-Education never went, or goes, on Vacation

by SJ Barakony | Featured Contributor

Why your education always should be in a ‘state of beta’

From coast to coast, and border to border, parents & students across America have been singing a familiar refrain:

What’s that, you ask?

Back to school season!

The mompreneurs amongst us, family businesses who hire their children, and businesses, online & off, which cater to this century plus old tradition are a-buzz; credit card terminals are working overtime, banks & credit unions are aflutter, & certain aisles at your favorite stores are packed with humanity!

Yet, we need to put up a BIG stop sign.


Because, education never went, or goes, on vacation, and is ALWAYS in season. [ ClicktoTweet this : ]

Are education & school the same, or are they, in fact, different?   


History & etymology show us:

School’s definition

Education’s is clearly not the same:  Click here to see.

Are education & entrepreneurship inseparable?  How, if at all, does school fit in?

I put forth that they are. And, perhaps.

When you are running a business of any size, in any industry, and with any amount of experience, you should be constantly educating yourself. No one owner or founder knows anywhere close to what she needs at any given time. The world of entrepreneurship is not nearly as risky as it once was ( the internet’s ‘leveling effect’ deeply disrupted this old paradigm ), yet you’ll not prosper if you operate your business like an employee, or as a consumer.

Does education need to take place in a classroom?


Again, the internet’s massive scale, & breadth is the answer to the ‘why?’ question that might be on your lips.

While discussions & rational discourse have, are, and will continue in the future on this subjective topic, this blog takes the position that these two ‘E”s are tightly intertwined, therefore, the requirement for school’s classrooms, and the credentials they offer, isn’t necessary.

What if I’ve taken a vacation from education?    

That’s not a dis qualifier; you may rest easy.

MANY citizens have, and a great deal of them didn’t know any better; they fell into their familiar zones, a metaphysical stage that led them to cling to nostalgia, conventional ‘wisdom’, and assumptions that no longer hold true.

The vacation(s), you have taken, or are presently on should now come to an end. And, you’ll want, and truly should, become a student again. This time, a lifelong one.

Pursue information that, with discernment and application over time, undergoes a metamorphosis into knowledge. Your business’ clients/customers, staff ( if any ), and your own future self will thank you.

What kind of question(s) should I ask about my self-education?  

Start with these, once you’ve returned from vacation:

  1. Do I have a ‘line item’ in my budget for investment ( it’s NOT spending, or an expense. ) ?

  2. Whether ‘yes’ , or ‘no’, to #1, how much $ should I put aside?

  3. What resources are out there?

  4. When & where can I access them?

  5. How can I measure progress?

Be the example ( *whether you have staff, or if you’re a solo-preneur )

There’s really no difference.

If you’re on your own, a case can be made that your self education is even more valuable, that is, unless you have a volunteer ‘board’ of advisors/mentors to lean on.

Yet, if you already delegate to others, wish to replicate yourself in someone else  ( ‘replacement driven’ leadership – click HERE ), and/or are in the process of systematizing your business **, you should always expect more of yourself; diving in deeply to the education(al) “pool” will inspire those whom you want to lead to follow you, voluntarily & with a spring in their step.

( ** unclear what this means?  Here’s a great starting point. )

Should I be requiring school(‘ing’)?  

You’ve arrived! Your profits are growing, your cash flow is strong; expansion of your physical space is afoot; more product is shipping than ever before; And, you need more staff to keep up: Yesterday. Now.

Let’s be clear:  Putting a ‘credentialized collar’ on this process, in the modern (circa 2006) ‘Conceptual Age’ is a big step backwards in time to a past era.

Listen & watch for signs of those whom are self educated & have come home from their vacation(s).

You’ll recognize them:   When you interview, review their application , or ask questions at an event, they’ll excitedly talk about …


… Books that they love & have, or are, read(ing).

….. Networking events that they’ve attended, or are a part of.

……. Podcasts that they listen to, or about their Audible subscription.

………. The speaker whom they heard live, on a webinar, or via YouTube/Vimeo.


Seek out these people: They are your difference makers!

In short …

Education & school are unique concepts.

A great many of us in business were, or are still  are, on vacation from education.

Entrepreneurship & education are inter-linked.

Self leadership & self education are very similar.

Bring on those who are educating themselves & don’t require credentials as you grow & prosper in your business ventures.


Thank YOU for reading!

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