How You Can Use the Power of Words to Build an Empire by @breakglowpri

by Caprice Laws | Featured Contributor

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1. Be Clear on What You’re Selling

If someone has to search through pages and pages of your website or social media pages to get the slightest clue of what you actually do then you might want to tweak a few things. It’s great to use creative titles for your entrepreneurial endeavors but keep a clear description in sight of what you offer. For instance, if you’re a life coach who prefers to go by “personal development assistant guide” make sure that somewhere in your content people know that you help others shift their mindsets to be more positive. Keep it short and sweet. Straight to the point. Try writing an elevator pitch for your business and practice with trusted family and friends until everyone is confident that they have the best picture of what your business is about.


2. Connect with a Pain Point

You’re here to serve, right? So you definitely want to make it known that you have the solutions for your audience’s problems. You don’t have to frame this in a negative way (although some people do choose to list the pain points). You could simple state all the things your product or service will do that speaks to the symptoms of their issues. For example, “my special credit care service will delete all negative marks that plague your credit and keep your score low”. Of course you have to actually deliver the things you promise but exposing them to the fact that you have the answers is the first step.



3. Focus on Benefits Before Features

Now, to be completely honest, this one make shift a little depending on your industry. If you’re selling luxury cars to millionaires who enjoy heated seats and high-powered engines then you’ll certainly want to focus on the benefits. But for the sake of this argument, we’ll just say that a lot of other industries don’t operate like this. So, back to the tip! Give your audience the benefits of using your product or service instead of only listing all of the things it includes. Instead of telling people you fitness pants have mesh inseams and side pockets, tell them the pants keep them cool during workouts in high temperature environments and can save them money and time on buying a locker or losing items thanks to spacious, secure side pockets. Again, it’s fine to have features listed somewhere on your website. In fact, you should definitely have a features list. But you can highlight and enhance the ‘wow’ effect of these features by accompanying them with corresponding benefits. Let your customers know how you can be their hero!


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2 Replies to “How You Can Use the Power of Words to Build an Empire by @breakglowpri”

  1. Kim

    Great post! It all comes down to getting through to your audience about how you can help them. If they don’t understand what you do or that what you offer actually is of use to them, then they will pass you by. I think focusing on benefits is a really good point, as people may not recognize how features may help them.

    1. Caprice Laws[ Post Author ]

      Hey Kim, thanks a lot for tuning in! Exactly. Most people don’t want to think about whether you can help them or not. It’s important for us to be visible to the ones who can benefit from us and most times the impression is only allotted a split-second!

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