Trends to Watch in the final 365 days of the Decade

by SJ Barakony | Featured Contributor


2019 awaits. How ready are you & your business for these 13 trends?


Can you believe it?! Yes, its true: we’re less than 2 weeks away from another New Years’ Day; so, let’s dedicate a toast to our businesses, our families, & friends!

Not only that … did you notice?  It’s also the last year of the first decade of the ‘new’ century.


Where were you on 01 Jan, 2010?


Was your business even open?

How did you communicate with your clientele?

Have you rebranded since then?


…  That’s NINE years ago, believe that!


The Mindset of the Futurist


You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”  — Buckminster Fuller


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Many thought leaders, chief amongst them the futurists, visionaries, and creative disrupters, know of Fuller. He laid this cornerstone of thought and its now part of his legacy, to be embraced by generations not yet born. It is from this core thesis that we’ll push ahead – unveiling a market basket of trends that your business will be impacted by in some manner in 2019 ( & beyond. )



A Bakers’ Dozen


Laying out 13 that I, as a futurist, am personally invested in tracking; each of these are invigorating and, in the hands of the benevolent & bold, will usher in as yet unknown amounts of potential energy to our nation(s), states/provinces, and localities:


Mobile revolution

Smart Cities

Blockchain / Crypto currencies

Gig Economy ( Conceptual Age )

Automation ( AI, Machine Learning, Robots )

Autonomous Vehicles \ Drones

Holistic Wellness ( > sickcare )

Decentralized [ social & news ] media

Self directed education & learning ( schooling & credential seeking )

Communities / tribes

Social enterprises ( modern mutual aid societies )

Principles > politics

Holocracy ( future of ‘work’/places )



In pursuit of a deeper understanding of the bright future which awaits


Even a rudimentary understanding of 1, some, or perhaps all of the 13 trends shared above won’t be embraced at deeper levels of awareness, acceptance, and consciousness without continually reading, listening ( podcasts, audio books ), & watching ( videos, webinars )


Two #mustread books in this space are linked below, to further illuminate your path.

I wholeheartedly suggest investing in them as a holiday/Christmas present for yourself & for those whom you hold most dear.


A Whole New Mind

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind


Suggested Follows out in the ‘Twitter’verse


Futurist Rankings by Ross Dawson

Generations Timeline – After the Millennials by Anne Boysen

Gold vs. Cryptos: Invest or divest … Here … from Gerald Celente

4 questions to test your intellectual humility via Daniel Pink



Don’t Argue, nor Debate


Instead, as we see, hear, and experience more & more creative disruption which impacts our professional sphere ( inc. our business’ cashflow, income streams, etc. ), shall we abandon the negativity, time loss, & win/lose (or worse, lose/lose) outcomes from arguing & debating?

I propose an equivalent swap of the above two non futurist, consumerist terms for those that produce & add value:   Discussion & rational discourse.


As 2019 dawns, I thoughtfully (channeling one of my many informal mentors, Mr. Dale Carnegie), throw down a challenge:


Whether with yourself ( self talk ), your staff, clientele/customers, or a prospect, engage in thought provoking win/win discussion or a structured rational discourse with him/her/them in the next several weeks


Word Play: Choices to make to embrace the transformation underway in our workplaces  


As we ascend the ladder from unconscious incompetence on up to unconscious competence, let’s fully embrace how exciting each of these trends will be in our ongoing entrepreneurial journeys & resolve to learn new words

Some which are becoming anchored to the past as these 13 futuristic trends continue to evolve, expand, & replicate:  ‘employee’ ; ‘hierarchy’ ; ‘college for all’ ; ‘health care’ ; ‘cash’.

Does this indicate that these (let alone others) will disappear forever? Not necessarily. Yet, the early adopters in our business networks will already grasp the above, and quite a number more will eventually ‘see’ as you have/will!



Websites, articles, blogs, & organizations: Learn More & Take Action


Define. Learn. (then) Do.

We’ve defined a vision for 2019 & beyond. With numerous resources are embedded in the post already, let’s expand your learning zone:, what if you want to self educate even more?!


Ever more important, investing time in additional concrete steps to ‘future’ prep your business venture would be wise. I’m applauding you proactively, if you choose to do so!



Trends Research

Future Frontiers


Mind Valley


Future Today

Visual Capitalist

Futurism Blogs


In short …


  • 9 years down, 1 to go in the decade #ThinkItOver
  • Suggested Twitterverse follows
  • A bakers’ dozen trends
  • The futurist rankings & further resources to dig into
  • Don’t argue, debate, or fight the existing; discuss & set time for rational discourse
  • Word swaps:  let’s ‘play’ on a 2020’s field
  • What’s coming is exciting & transformational; fear not!  Embrace. Encourage. Uplift.


Thank YOU for reading!

& …

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3 Replies to “Trends to Watch in the final 365 days of the Decade”

  1. Olivier

    You spelled Holacracy with an “o”, holocracy. It’s with an “a” 😉

  2. Christine McLean

    The title of this article is what first struck me. It hadn’t even registered to me that 2019 marks the end of a decade and oh what a decade it has been! Globalization continues to drastically change the way we do business. It is through globalization that I’ve been able to operate as a solepreneur from a tiny island and interact with clients across the world! It is amazing!

    I love the trend of holacracy that you mentioned. The top-down approach to management and leadership must go. Entrepreneurs must understand that each employee plays a pivotal role in shaping the company’s success.

    It would be great for these thoughts to be shared in an eBook. They are such poignant thoughts. Here’s an article explaining why eBooks are important for businesses

    1. SJ Barakony[ Post Author ]

      Thank you so very much for the thoughtful feedback!

      I sent an email your way earlier on, and since I just finished my February post, I am glad to now publish an answer here on the site itself.

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