The Easy Way to Improve Productivity

by Jess Penesso

As I left the office, the street outside was dark. A feeling of exhaustion washed over me as I thought about the night ahead and I thought to myself “I better go straight home”. It was only 5pm but I didn’t have an ounce of energy to keep going. This pattern repeated for months until I finally said no more and added this game changer into my routine. Once added – I found more energy than I could ever imagine & moved up in my career while growing my side hustle business. I was happier & more energized than I had ever been in my life!

What is this game changer for my mental game you ask? The answer may surprise you – It’s exercise . Now stay with me – we can use all kinds of tools to shift out mindset to be more productive and one of these is physical exercise that can have immense mental benefits. Which is pretty cool once you realize.

We know exercise is good for our bodies but for our minds it has INSANE benefits. Let’s talk about the top 2 today:

1. Increases Productivity

You can sky rocket productivity when you make exercise a non-negotiable in your week. Exercising increases the amount of endorphins that are released into your body and that in turn increases more energy & productivity. You’re more excited to get back into work when you have a workout high. So when you think you have no time to exercise – schedule it in and you’ll be more productive for it & get everything you need done.

2. Increases Memory

Do you put a ton on your plate every week? Yeah me too. And remembering every detail and staying organized can be a challenge! Exercising increases the production of cells that are responsible for learning and memory allowing you to put more time into learning development & remember all of the details you need to.

So next time you’re leaving the office and you stare at your gym bag with disdain think about this – you’re going to get more done in the next day if you show up & make this time for yourself. Cheers to a more productive & memorable week ahead!


Jess is a mindfulness strategist and yoga teacher in New York City. As an advertising executive and side hustler, she teaches women how to be happier and more successful at work using mindfulness and wellness strategies. You can sign up for Jess’s Mindful Monday newsletter and listen to her podcast.

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  1. Kim

    Thanks for sharing from your experience, Jess! It makes sense that making an extra effort to take care of yourself leads to good results in multiple areas of your life.

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