Everyday Heroes. @MattCraine To The Rescue!

by Melissa Stewart

Today started out like any other Monday.

No wait. Today is Tuesday.

It sure felt like a Monday!

Anyway, She Owns It was down.

I’m talking “Forbidden 403” – serious stuff.

Forbidden 403

My heart sank.

What makes this whole conundrum EVEN WORSE is the fact that I knew my site was in need of an upgrade!

I’ve been putting it off.

Yup, I’m a Procrastinator (with a capital P) stuck in analysis paralysis.

My awesome Twitter friend Matt Craine has pulled me out of the lightning sand more than once (it’s a Princess Bride reference, look it up).

He’s been sending me tweets: “call me” – he was trying to be proactive…

And then today happened.

And there I sat. Error 403. Help!

  • Matt answered my tweet for help.
  • Fixed the problem.
  • Site is back.
  • The END.

Not so fast Buttercup!

Matt Craine saved the day. Again.

I expected “I told you so.”

He’s helped me before and asked for nothing in return.

But, no. He just acted.

I put out an SOS and amazing people like Matt show up.

I’ve never met Matt IRL(in real life), but I consider him an IRL friend.

People like Matt put the “social” in social media.

I LOVE the community I’ve found online. The everyday heroes who are there to answer questions, make me smile, and lend a helping hand “just because” – expecting nothing in return.

Matt is not a sponsor but he has helped me out several times and I HIGHLY recommend his services.

Thanks Matt!

Curious about Matt?

He tweets: @MattCraine

Matt Craine Twitter

He a Creative Strategist and Co-Founder at Becoming 3D.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 5.07.45 PM

Owner and CEO at Craine Consulting.

Matt Craine Consulting

Have you had a similar experience?

Who stepped up and “rescued you” online?

Who made you smile when you were feeling down?

I’d love to hear YOUR STORY in the comments!

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