Feeding Your Brain: The Power of Positive Thought and Self-Control

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Feeding Your Brain: The Power of Positive Thought and Self-Control

In a world brimming with sensory inputs, we often overlook the profound impact that the sounds we listen to have on our bodies. Whether it’s the rhythmic beat of music or the soothing cadence of a podcast, these vibrations and frequencies interact with our beings in ways we might not immediately recognize. This phenomenon is what some refer to as a “trigger” – a significant physiological response to auditory stimuli. It’s not merely a superficial experience; it goes much deeper, affecting our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

When you become aware of this internal reaction, it becomes essential to take control of it. Think of it as nourishing your brain with food – in this case, the sustenance it craves is positive thinking. Forward-looking thoughts are the key to unlocking your desired outcomes. Without them, you may feel perpetually stuck in life’s waiting room, yearning for what you want without ever achieving it.

Picture your mind as a garden, where positive thoughts are the seeds you need to plant. If you constantly dwell on past regrets, and things you didn’t do, or overanalyze every aspect of your life, you’re feeding your brain with the wrong kind of sustenance. It’s like trying to grow vibrant flowers in a soil poisoned by negativity and doubt.

So, how do you change this pattern? It’s not always easy, especially for those of us with overactive minds. However, it starts with a conscious effort to speak and think positively. Speaking your affirmations aloud can be especially effective, as it’s like broadcasting your intentions to the universe. Instead of drowning in negativity, you’re sowing the seeds of positivity, which are more likely to sprout and bloom into reality.

As we strive to improve ourselves, it’s important to remember that these are lessons we should be passing on to the next generation. We must recognize and unlearn any negative conditioning we’ve received and become the best versions of ourselves. The possibilities are endless; all we need to do is get out of our own way.

Life is a journey, and it’s all about moving forward. Staying stagnant won’t lead to growth. When you find yourself frustrated or upset with yourself, consider this: berating yourself isn’t going to help. Instead, practice a personal development exercise in front of the mirror. What you see is a reflection of you, and it’s a powerful tool for self-improvement. So, why focus on negative self-critique when you can actively work towards change?

The world can be a challenging place, with people who may not always be kind. However, as you practice kindness and self-compassion, you’ll find that being kind to others comes more naturally. Remember that everyone carries their own baggage, and understanding this can lead to a more empathetic outlook.

Sometimes, we all need a little help from our friends. Don’t hesitate to seek guidance and support when you’re uncertain about which path to take. It’s okay to ask for directions in life because, let’s face it, none of us have all the answers. Embrace the journey, and always be open to growth and self-improvement, for this is how we can become the best versions of ourselves.

Holly Oldham is an 📚 Author, 📝 Poet, 🎤 Speaker, Mental Wellness and Abuse Advocate, 🌊 Beach Cleaner, ✨ Luxury Cleaner, Dedicated to healing & service!

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