Find your Inner Zen by Outsourcing

Find your Inner Zen by Outsourcing

by Lyndsey Gilchrist

Congratulations! Your business is thriving.

It doesn’t seem so long ago that you were only just thinking about setting up your own business. And now it seems that all those dreams of flexible working, extra money, and being your own boss are starting to come to fruition.

So what’s wrong?

You’re stressed? Overworked? Your family life is suffering? Too many clients? Too little time? Do you keep missing deadlines?

Oh, my goodness. Slow down… take a deep breath in… 1 – 2 – 3… and exhale gently.

There’s a fine line between being busy and manic, isn’t there? As an entrepreneur, managing your schedule and workload is something of a roller coaster ride, isn’t it?

Finding your inner zen and that dream business of yours just seems impossible now, doesn’t it?

Well, think again because I know first-hand that a good OBM can help you to find that calm professional that’s locked deep inside you.

Knowing When You’ve Reached Crisis Point…

If you’ve got papers everywhere, you’re working around the clock, you’re missing deadlines and you’re not fulfilling your client’s requests to the best of your ability then you have two options.

You can keep going the way you are and see how long it takes to burn out OR you can find an OBM to support you.

Just imagine how calm, in control, and productive you’re going to be if you hand over your book-keeping, your invoicing, your events organization, your website updates, your technical stuff (which literally zaps hours of your time), your telephone calls and all of your social media to someone else.

How much time will that free up for you? What will you do with it?

How much more money will you be able to generate because you’re not spending time on the non-income side of the business?

Finding your inner zen is possible with the help of the right people. Just because you’re an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to be permanently stressed. If you are, then the law of attraction suggests that you’ll only attract more stressful situations, difficult clients and unachievable deadlines.

Your Inner Zen is in there somewhere…

To rekindle your inner zen and take your business to the next level, find yourself an OBM who is capable of making a big impact on you, your company, and your life. An OBM isn’t just a typist or a secretary or a call handler these days, they really are skilled freelance professionals who can become your business partner.

Believe me, you will get reacquainted with your inner zen. It really is in there somewhere.

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