Finding Keyword Friends- They Don’t Like To Hang Out Alone by @PatchworkPosse

by Becky Jorgenson | Feature Contributor
Learn to use those keywords + additional keywords in that same area to build your authority

The keyword that you have chosen doesn’t like to be alone.  Finding the one keyword is a great start, but this is just the beginning.  You don’t want to over stuff your article with one single word or phrase.  This will become boring and a little obvious to your readers.  You will want to build on it.  The way you do that is to find others who will get along with it.  The additional phrases will narrow your topic.  They will be more descriptive type words.  Say for example if your keyword was patchwork quilt, then the additional keywords could be- easy patchwork quilt, patchwork quilt for beginners, sewing a patchwork quilt, patchwork quilt for babies.  See how this works?  These are the words that you want to use in addition to the main keyword in your article.  They will still need to be relevant to the topic and not too far reaching.

This can be found using the settings in keyword research in step #2.  When you are researching your main keyword, the keyword tool will have a long list of other keywords that are similar to the one you are looking for, but that might be searched by others.

Take note of a few words or phrases that you can work into your article to help the search engines narrow you down as a great content provider.  You don’t necessarily need to use them in the exact way or order that you see them listed, but can use the words in your article by themselves.  The search engines can put two and two together for you.

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