Fun Activities to Unwind With

Life Can Be Stressful. Try These Fun Activities to Unwind

Life can be pretty stressful, and when that happens to you, your shoulders tense up, your body feels rigid, and the last thing you want to do is try to relax and unwind, because you don’t feel like you’re ever going to unwind again. Stress looks different for different people, and yet it’s usually some variation of your brain closing up and your body feeling the effects. If you’re stuck inside, you need to be able to find a way to relieve your stress, and fun activities that are out there to unwind with can help you to do that.

Acute stress can have negative impacts on your Physiology. You can end up with more headaches, you can grind your teeth down because your jaw is clenching all the time, and you end up with stomach aches from all the tension. It’s much easier to unwind with a winter word search and a cup of tea than you think, you just have to make a point of putting that into your day. The way that you choose to unwind and relax is going to help with your stress and tension levels, so here is a list of fun activities that you can unwind with.

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  • Do a short burst of exercise. Whether it’s 10 star jumps at the side of your desk at work or you go for a run up and down the stairs of your building at home. Some quick bursts of exercise can push some adrenaline into your body and make you feel energized. This can also help you to release The tension that you’ve been feeling as a result of your stress. You can get your heart rate up and activate several neurotransmitters that include serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. All of these will work to enhance your mood and cushion some of the stress and anxiety that you’ve been feeling.
  • Give somebody a hug. Sometimes you need to do something tactile to make yourself feel good, and a hug is always going to put you in a much better mood. Hugs can help you to lower your stress because you are finally feeling the weight of somebody else holding on to you. You could also do other tectonic activities, such as finding something you can smell, something you can taste, something you can touch, and something you can hear. Doing all of that can make a big difference to your distraction levels and help you to roll down your stress.
  • Go for a massage. Working out the tension in your muscles is so much easier when you head out for a massage. Consciously relaxing those areas is important if you want to destress. You should also include the front of your neck, your shoulders, and the hinge of your jaw.
  • Cook something.The activity of putting ingredients into something delicious is exciting, and it makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Taking out all of your stresses by concentrating on a recipe that you’re following is also a great way to de-stress and unwind. 

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