Getting Intimate with Facebook Live

Getting Intimate with Facebook Live


by Arti Sharma

Is Live Streaming The Way To Go?

If you use social media marketing as part of your integrated marketing strategy, you have probably started to hear about, or more likely seen firsthand, live streaming. While other live streaming tools like Meerkat and Periscope have been utilized by businesses, the introduction of Facebook Live in recent months has really changed the game and increased the popularity of live streaming.

Are you ready to jump into the newest social media trend? You should be! If you are already using Facebook marketing, let’s talk about how you can use Facebook Live streaming and make it work for your business. We’ve talked before about the power of social media and how it can create a level of engagement with your audience that can boost awareness about your business and ultimately lead to increased sales.


Facebook initial data reveals that viewer comments are more than 10 times higher on Facebook Live videos than regular ones.


With the launch of Facebook Live, Facebook is prioritizing live video in people’s newsfeeds, and as a result, live videos are getting higher organic reach than any other type of content. Live streaming is a powerful tool and should be added to your marketing plan as soon as you are able! This tool has amazing opportunities that allow you to share your passion and your business with people around the world! It is a long-standing fact that people do business with people they know. Facebook Live is a tool that can help your audience get to know you and your business even better.


If you’ve been thinking that it might be time to take a crack at live video, we offer the following suggestions:


1. Have a purpose

The best live videos offer something cool or unique. Have a new product you want to show off? Introducing a new team member? Or showing some renovations around your store? Sharing knowledge or your expertise also resonates well.


2. Create a compelling title

The title will be seen by viewers and will let people know what you will be talking about. People will use this to decide if they want to watch or not.


3. Be prepared

Remember – this is LIVE! Check to see what will show up in the video (what’s behind you, who else can be heard), and take some time to think about what you want to say. Rambling on camera is not an effective way to attract or maintain viewers! Videos with the most viewers are between 2-20 minutes in length so make sure you have enough content to fall within that range.


4. Ask for engagement

Facebook Live can be a conversation. If you are showing off a new product, ask questions and then either answer them live or go back and answer them after the video is over.


5. End with a call to action

Make the most of the time you put into Facebook Live streaming and direct people to how they can contact you and where they can go for more information.



Don’t let the power of your Facebook Live video end on your Facebook page! Take the next smart step and repurpose the video to extend its reach and be an even greater part of your integrated marketing strategy. The video will remain on your Facebook page after the live stream is over so take some time and direct people to watch it if they missed the live version. You can upload the video to YouTube, write a blog post about it, share the link on LinkedIn or Twitter or include the link in your next email marketing campaign.

If you are ready to harness the power of Facebook Live but don’t know where to start, Measure Marketing can help! We provide social media management and marketing support for small businesses in Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, and Burlington and can help you use Facebook Live streaming to your advantage. Contact us to book your consultation.





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  1. Patricia Weber

    Tips are helpful for those of us just starting. By any chance do you know, when using an iPhone, how you can show a “flashcard” without it appearing like a backward image? I just tried a live event but Periscope is so much more friendly than Facebook – at least for an iPhone user.

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