Why You Need to Start Using Hashtag Generators

Why You Need to Start Using Hashtag Generators


Hashtags have, over time, become a popular marketing tool for most brands, marketers, and content creators.

Why is this?

Hashtags increase your chances of reaching more people.

But it’s not that easy.

Using hashtags is a art. You need to know which hashtags to use for which posts so that you can increase your reach. You also need to know how many to use to avoid looking spammy.

For example, using more than six hashtags on Instagram posts can decrease your engagement.

Scary, right?

So, how can you know which hashtags to use and how to use them properly?

Use hashtag generating tools.


What Are Hashtag Generators?

These are tools that help you research and generate hashtags.

How do they work?

For some of them, you manually enter a keyword, location, or hashtag, and the tool helps you find common or popular hashtags. With others, you upload a link or image, and the AI algorithm suggests hashtags based on the image or link content.


But how can hashtag generators improve the effectiveness of your hashtag campaigns?


They Help You Find Trending and Popular Topics

Hashtag generator tools use an algorithm to find the most popular and most frequently used hashtags in real time. You can then use them to join conversations with relevant content that adds value to the discussion.


They Help Protects You from Re-Using Hashtags

I am sure you know some common and popular hashtags used by everyone for almost every topic.

For example: #love #fashion, #fitness, #photography, #music, #travel, etc.

You can still use them. But if you want your posts to have high engagement rates, you should incorporate niche hashtags with sizeable followings. By using popular hashtags alone, you run the risk of limited visibility in high demand topics.

So, how can hashtag generator tools help?

They have an algorithm that can help you find high engagement hashtags specific to your niche. These tools can also help you find hashtags your competitors use or generate hashtags specific to your business or campaign. You can do a partnership with the best influencer marketing companies that can help out to manage your campaign with the right Hashtag.


They Help You Boost Your Reach

Social media users are also intelligent and will notice if you use irrelevant hashtags in an attempt to gain likes or followers. However, with relevant hashtags, you can reach many social media users who are likely to be interested in what you post.

By using hashtag generators, you can find relevant hashtags related to your niche. And if you join a conversation related to one of the top hashtags with valuable content, you increase your chances of boosting your reach.

But which hashtag generating tools should you use?

The link below on my blog ShaneBarker.com offers a list of some of the best hashtag generator tools you can use to find suitable tags for your posts.


Check it out!

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    Hello Shane, I was not knowing what actually the Hashtags generator is. This article gives me exact information about the Hashtags generator and the best list of all hashtags generator. Thanks for the informative article. I will surely try them out..!!

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