Here’s The One Thing You Need to Know to Launch Your Business

Here’s The One Thing You Need to Know to Launch Your Business

If you need to do one thing before launching your business, find your passion. Finding your passion is a pivotal part of starting your own business because when you are able to nail down what you love, and what makes your heart beat faster, you can then build an entire business model around that very thing. Sure, you can have a successful business that isn’t based on your passion. But, I can tell you from experience—it’s a whole heckuva lot more fun when you are passionate about what you do. 

Here’s the thing, as an entrepreneur, it’s easier to work 80 hours a week for yourself than 40 hours a week for someone else when you are doing what you love. When we are doing something we are truly passionate about, then that work doesn’t feel in vain. Not only is it providing an income for us and our families, but it is providing us with purpose in that work as well.

You Don’t Need All The Answers and the Timing Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

Eight years ago, when I started Re-Fabbed, my entire business model was all based on my passion for sharing renovations, decorating, and DIY in written form on my blog. I loved taking pictures along with writing and telling stories about what I had created or transformed. At the time, I had no idea what the ins and outs were of creating a blog or running my own business. I just took my passion and started running with it, filling in the gaps along the way of what I didn’t know, to create a true business. 

Just like with anything in life, when you wait for that “perfect time,” you run the risk of things never being perfect. If you have small children at home, know that you can be a Mom AND a business owner. Many successful businesses started during nap time. If you are consistent and driven, you can 100% make that work.

The key to that balance of work life and mom life is simply realizing that it won’t look perfect. It will be messy. It will be complicated. Some days the business just has to be on the backburner, and other days you allow someone to watch the kids for you so you can catch up. However you choose to make it work is up to you—just know you CAN do it. And it’s likely that it will be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do.

Once You’ve Pinpointed Your Passion, Here’s 4 Steps to Get Started:

1. Start a business profile on ONE social media platform.

    Pick your favorite and go with that one. There is no right or wrong, just pick the one you love the most and spend the most time on! You can diversify later, but establishing a strong presence on one platform will get you a lot farther than establishing a so-so presence on multiple platforms.

    2. Get a headshot that looks professional.

      Have a good picture taken of you that is JUST YOU and looks professional. Have good lighting and a good background, and make that your profile picture. If your business is not YOU as the brand (such as an e-commerce store), make your logo your profile picture, but make sure it is readable, scaled to size and fits the look and feel of your brand. 

      Notice I said, to make sure your headshot LOOKS professional. It’s amazing what an iPhone can do these days. So if you don’t have the money to invest in actual professional photos, you might be able to play around and do a DIY headshot.

      Another tip? Make sure it is fit to size and good for MOBILE since statistically 85-90% of people get on social media from their mobile device! 

      3. Make your online profile complete.

        Fill out any of the information on the social media platform, such as your business and personal bio, your website, your email address, your about me, etc! Make sure you have all of the links you need on that profile. Many people use Milkshake or Linktree to make linking easier, and I highly recommend that as well. This is all so important! People have to be able to connect with you and know who YOU are. 

        4. Start posting.

          The main thing is to just START, and maintain consistency. I always recommend starting with 4 posts a day. That can be a variety of styles of posts, from a regular post with no links and just a picture, a post with a link to your product, a video, sharing a post from another relevant page, etc. Your priority is to keep yourself out there in front of everyone! You’ll learn new things as you go. 

          When we have a goal or dream, we can sit and ponder and think about it for YEARS and yet never do a single thing. and we never do a single thing. Nothing happens until you take action. Just jump in. You won’t know all the details. You will hit bumps. You will feel like you don’t have a clue if you can keep going. But, here is the good news, you can do it.  Remember, you can’t do anything unless you start.

          Brooke Riley is the CEO and founder of Re-Fabbed, where she also offers business coaching to help other entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners grow and maximize their presence in the online space. Brooke was recognized in 2021 as one of Forbes Next 1000 Entrepreneurs, and Re-Fabbed was recently recognized in the 2023 Inc 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies in America. Her online course, Just Jump, helps aspiring entrepreneurs identify their passion, create a business plan, and launch.

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