Turning Your Passion Into a Business

5 Tips for Turning Your Passion Into a Business

Turning Your Passion Into a Business


by Elaine Slatter

Having a passion for something like animals, eco-friendly products, lifestyle products, or a wellness community can be the start of something amazing in the entrepreneurial world.


Our Tips for Turning Your Passion Into a Business


Turn Your Passion into Developing the Skills You Need


  1. Developing your Talents into Skills for your Business –  for example, if your passions are dogs and cooking, you could develop a whole line of wholesome dog food snacks. So what skills do you need to develop? Experimenting with recipes for dog food snacks that any dog, small or large would enjoy.  Learning how to package them for shelf life, how to research the market for competitors, and the nutritional labeling required to sell this type of snack.   Down the road, you will also need to learn how to mass produce the dog snacks for wider distribution than your local area.
  2. People and Communication Skills – these are required for every person in business.  If you haven’t had much customer experience, practice your people skills in online communities and on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.
  3. Social Selling Skills – one of the best ways to learn this skill is to monitor those in your entrepreneurial space, yes, your competitors. You can learn a lot from those businesses that are more established than your own.   But the main reason to look at your competitors is to see how your products differ from theirs.  The differences are what will make you stand out and make your brand unique.
  4. Communication of your brand value – this is showing the world why you are unique and different. This will help you stand out in the crowd.  A great way to do this is to make a list of the differences that make you unique from your competition and use stories to communicate your brand value and your purpose.  Your passion is what gives you purpose. Turning your passion into a business is easier if you can use stories to illustrate why you want to change the world with your products. What solutions are you offering to help with your customer problems?
  5. If you can develop a special niche, then you will find new markets where there is much less competition.


If you would like to learn more, tune into this podcast with Dr. Preston-Ortiz.   Dina Preston not only has her doctorate in business and is a community college professor, but she is also the lead singer in her own country/rock band.

She has combined her passion for music into a whole entertainment business with multiple layers.  But in order to do this, Dina took wise advice from someone in the industry to strengthen her singing skills to the performance level required to front a band.   She also learned how important it is to develop the passion and skills of her bandmates and let them shine in their areas of expertise. Together it has been a win/win.

Turning your passion into a business starts with your “why”.   If you aren’t sure how to find your “why” then Simon Sinek has authored a great book and workbook which you can find on Amazon.

Good luck turning your passion into a business.  We hope our tips can help you out.




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