The Hidden Value of Joining Twitter Parties

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by Manon Leroux | Featured Contributor

What is a Twitter Party anyway?

It’s an event that can be held either online or offline, where people are actively involved in using Twitter. In some cases you get a chance to win free prizes!

Got your attention yet?

So who doesn’t like parties anyway, they’re fun, entertaining and we usually get to dress up. Are you curious yet as to what an offline party can possibly look like?

Just imagine being at a party, lots of people having conversation, laughing, having fun, except you are in your home viewing, it either on your computer plus if you don’t feel like it you don’t have to dress up (although that is the best part for me).

For today’s post I will be covering the hidden benefit of the online version of a Twitter Party.

First, for those who may have never experienced one yet, I will fill you in quickly. To put it as simply as I can, a Twitter party is basically a #hastag conversation. Yes, a whole bunch of Twitter users following a #hashtag, listening, engaging, participating in conversation – sounds like a party, doesn’t it?

So who can attend these? Anyone can join in, not necessarily followers of the event organizer – these are open to all. You can expect engaging questions, conversations and of course we often see prizes being given away as well.

Who promotes these online events? Pretty much anybody can. We see parties from brands, groups, individuals, etc.

Although there are many benefits of participating in these online events I wanted to mention one that might not be as obvious as well the obvious “fun and freebies!”

This hidden benefit of participating in Twitter Parties is that you make new connections and gain new followers.

Yes, do you see it?

Now you are joining in on a virtual conversation where many are listening and connecting. So this hidden benefit is gaining qualified followers, not just any followers, but highly targeted followers – these are real people engaging and using Twitter. I don’t know about you, but I have seen my fair share of bots, spam and everything in between. The concept of using this platform for free is awesome, but weeding out the riff-raff comes with the territory.

With this being said, I always look for creative ways to find new followers that will lead to more online connections and eventually grow my online community. By far this has been my favorite – I mean what better way to meet new people talking about things that I enjoy, not just putting up a front!

So if you do not have any followers planning Twitter Parties then do a search for the term and join one that is of interest for you. That way you’ll know the participants are a great match for your online community.


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