How a Facebook Livestream Series Empowered Me to Become a Better Entrepreneur

by Heidi Lynne Kurter

19 months ago, I quit my corporate Human Resources job in Boston to travel Asia and start my own business. I’ve always lived life a bit impulsively and craved massive challenge, so while this seemed impossible, it wasn’t out of character for me. Last month, after wrapping up my tour of Asia, I traveled back to one of my favorite European cities, Berlin, to bring calm to the chaos and establish some roots for my business.

The journey of entrepreneurship forced me to do a lot of self reflection, deconstruct and rebuild habits and routines, and face the inner demons that became a part of my identity from a lifetime of suppression. As women, we are amazing multi-taskers with the determination to exceed our own expectations in everything we put our minds to.

As an ode to the amazing women entrepreneurs who are pursuing their dreams of entrepreneurship, I launched a live-stream interview series in my Facebook group The Global B.L.E.N.D. interviewing women entrepreneurs and their journey exposing the transparent and raw truths of the struggles and challenges they’ve faced while building and scaling their business.

This series has been incredibly eye-opening for not only myself, but the members of the group. It’s easy to fall into comparison syndrome and lose motivation because we feel inferior to those who rose to success almost instantaneously since declaring their decision to start a business. My goal was to bring to light the reality of the powerhouse women we admire and respect and level the playing field in a way that connects us to support and empower one another.

Here are the things I learned that helped me to enjoy the global entrepreneur life and become successful in my life and business:


-> Be Selfish with Your Time

Everyone has their own definition of self-care, but the end result still remains the same. It’s the maintenance of your physical, mental and well-being by treating yourself kindly. This can come in the form of reading, making time with girlfriends, scheduling a spa appointment or any feel good activity that nurtures your soul and brings life back to you again.

-> Make a Date with Yourself Daily

It’s easy to get caught up in the distractions that come with living a life of travel. We cram so much into our days that we gloss over our emotions and needs. I’m a professional at jam-packing my days so I get a generous mix of the local experience and business tasks. The quickest way to burnout is by neglecting yourself. Make sure to schedule daily check-ins with yourself even if it’s setting aside a half hour to grab some tea and people watch at a local cafe.

-> Dial into What Feels Right

As a former corporate robot, I lived a life of burnout. It became the new normal. If I wasn’t feeling stretched thin, stressed out or on the verge of breaking, I thought I wasn’t doing enough. By listening to my body, I learned when stress becomes too much my sleep is the first to be impacted. Start to tune into your body and know when it’s time to take a break. Take breaks often and be mindful of when your sleep starts to fall short.

-> Take it Down a Notch

While others plan for the upcoming year, I get attached to a vision six years in the future. I became so future focused that I couldn’t take in the now. Taking the time to focus and appreciate the now has allowed me to slow down and take advantage of every second. Slow down, breathe and take the time to appreciate the here and now. It’s the most simple acts that bring us back to reality and allow us to be grateful for where we are and the progress we’ve made.



Heidi Lynne Kurter is a coach and consultant helping creative women entrepreneurs scale their businesses as smoothly as possible. She is the founder of Heidi Lynne Consulting where she brings 8+ years of experience in human resources working and living in America, Asia and Europe. She recently launched a program where she walks entrepreneurs and small business owners through everything they need to know to hire the right talent, attract high ticket clients, increase their productivity and bring in more money.

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  1. Clive Roach

    Great advice. I see a lot of people having burnouts. Your advice to book some time with yourself is a good one. More people need to hear that and take it down a notch as you say. I make it a daily routine to watch a comedy each day, 1 episode at least. I always laugh at them and it calms me. No matter how many times I watch the same episodes. I have the full set of Frasier, Seinfeld, King of Queens and Everyone loves Raymond.

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